Software besides Ground Control? What works?

I have a laptop setup for use with my small CNC machine. Right now, I have Universal G-code Sender and CamBam that use to send g-code to that machine. I would like to use this same laptop for Maslow but Ground Control will not work on it because it has OpenGL 1.0 and Ground Control needs 2.0 minimum. I have updated all my drivers but I still get the Open GL1.0 error.

CamBam has a GRBL post processor plugin for running the G-Code files but I would like to know if Maslow would work using this? Since I calibrated Maslow in GC, how would CamBam (or any other post processor) know what those settings are? In other words, is there other software besides GC that can be used with Maslow? I like GC but my laptop doesn’t

In theory you should be able to use Universal Gcode Sender now. The calibration values are stored in the Arduino’s memory now.

I had universal gcode sender mostly working as a substitute for Ground Control a while back, but I haven’t tested it recently. If you are willing to do the testing, I’m happy to keep working on making it fully work

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note: Ground Control is still needed for the calibration routine.


Question: What OS is on your laptop? Do you own a Raspberry Pi, if so what model? What is the make and model of your laptop.

Thank you

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Laptop OS is Windows 7 Dell Latitude E4310
I use Raspberry Pi 3 on my smaller CNC. Love it!

Bar…would be glad to test UGS. I just wasn’t sure how/if all the calibrations would be used. If they are stored on the Arduino, I would think I am all set. I will try it tomorrow night and see how it goes. Would be glad to help.

Also…tried to put Linux on USB (from your instructions) but can’t seem to get GC to install/load/work. To be honest, I’m too lazy to go through all the work to set it up so I will test UGS instead (a lot easier).


Are you aware of my site:

You should setup an account, it’s free.

I have a Linux on a stick that may solve your problem, well work around it -

I also am working on a Raspberry Pi Ubuntu desktop setup for the Maslow

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Yes Bee. That is what I tried to do. I did not set up an account but I was able to setup Linuz on my Usb drive but could not get GC up and running. Will work on it.

Let me know if I can help

I’m reviewing the specs of the computer right now. I found this information on intel HD Graphics

Your booting the puppy linux image from the shared files page on ?

According to Dlang if you really don’t have Open GL2 linux should emulate it.

Thank you

Yup…it boots to the USB and Linux perfectly. In fact, I think it is faster than Windows!!! I just couldn’t figure out how to put GC on it. I saw that I need to load all kinds of stuff and update stuff and bla bla bla. My eyes rolled back in my head and I lost interest. :slight_smile:

:frowning: , I’m working on getting it to a point with a version pre installed. It’s a toss up because we have updates every 2 weeks. Linux is a bit different then Windows in how it handles things.

If I were to make a USB stick that I could ship to you available would that interest you? I’ve been thinking about offering them.

Thank you

I’m sure there would need to be a cost involved and I think it is worth you offering them. However, in my situation, I am having issues with my laptop and OpenGL. If I can use UGS instead of GC as Bar suggests, it would solve my issue. I therefore would not need to use Linux. If however you meant to send me one to test for you on the laptop with the issues, I would be glad to help you with that.

I’ll send you a PM. It helps to know where you are at with it.

Thank you

This is exactly what kept me from using any kind of Linux distro on my personal computers for years.

I started futzing around with the Raspberry Pi ecosystem and quickly realized it was a better overall experience and I’ve stuck with it now.

I don’t own a Windows PC anymore (nor do I plan to) but I will admit to having a Macbook pro running High Sierra. (Graphics machine)

There is a learning curve but ultimately, for me, it was worth it in the end.