European voltage and metric measures


can I use the kit with all parts I need unchanged in Europe? We have 220 Volt and the metric measures system here in Switzerland. If not, what changes must be done to be able to use the cnc router kit with the standards mentioned above?
Please enlight me, thanx.

As far as I know the power supply for the motors is the only mains voltage part and it is a universal switch mode unit. The software has a mm/inch setting for us europeans.

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@StephenMcG is right. The only thing you need to change is the power cord. We offer a standard EU cord as an option at checkout. I’m not sure what the plugs Switzerland are, but if you do not use the UE plugs, you will need to find a standard computer cord with this: image plug to connect to the wall. Other than that you should be good to go!

thank you both. Very useful info, I like it. Biber:blush:

I believe the end @bar photographed is referred to as an IEC 60320 type C13 plug.

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…and yes, I carry a lot of typically useless knowledge in my head, so I was thrilled to have a piece of it be useful for a change. :smile:

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Hi jwolter, I’m in a similar situation as you (at the age of more than seventy now). There’s a lot of stuff I “know” and cannot learn anymore because of this. So I really don’t have a clue what knowledge is really useless. The answer to this question most of the time will start with “It depends …”. Your answer is useful to me of course! thanx for it, and have a great day, Biber :-))

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Once you know something it is hard or sometimes even impossible to un-know it.

And then there is the situation when you know that you know the answer, but the answer does not compute it’s way out of the brain back into the real world… (and then a pencil might break for no reason at all)

So the more you learn the more you learn there’s way more to learn and you haven’t really learned jack?

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