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Ridgid and 220v

I finally received my Maslow and yesterday I finished building the frame. The thing is that in my country we use 220v, I know the Maslow power supply will work but what about the Ridgid router? Has anyone tried? The sticker on the router only states 110v but I know they rebranded the router for europe with 220v under another name. If I have to use a transformer how much wattage should the transformer be?

I do not think you should use this router if you are not in North America. Aside from the voltage being double elsewhere, you probably have 50 hz cycle instead of 60 hz, which will do weird things to the electronics of the router. I think that for non North American users, there is a recommendation of using a Bosch POF 1200 router.


yes just get the 220v European version

I already have the Ridgid one, would it work with just the plug adapter? I dont know how to test for 220v compatibility without damaging the router.

No, it will not work on 220v, it has an electronic speed controller.

there is a small sticker under neath the power cord, it will say what voltage it is to be used for. mine says 120v 60hz, yours should say 220v 50hz.

no you can’t just swap the plugs, all the magic smoke will come out.

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Contrary to common sense, the ridgid router indeed works with 220v/50hz. I don’t know why they wouldn’t state that but I have mine working. They even sell the same router here in my country rebranded as Ubermann.

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that is surprising. they are all probabaly made in china so rebranding tools is fairly common.

Sorry for asking this, but there are a lot of controversial opinions and zero facts on this topic.
So, is it a Ridgid that worked on 220v or a Ridgid clone (Ubermann, AEG, etc.)?
I think it is about time to demystify the “Ridgid on 220v” myth once and for all

The Ridgid router works with both 110v 60hz and 220v 50hz. I have my Maslow working with 220v 50hz here in Chile. I purchased the router in the US.

hello, i know this is an old post but i want to get something clear here. I’m not from USA and after researching, I realized the suitable router with 220v is very limited and expensive(the price of the identical router with the Ridgid easily cost $400,,34018) which can buy a new set of Maslow.

Now the Ridgid, in the Q&A the support guy say it is 120v. I wonder how is it possible to use this router in 220v country?

Just guessing here (have not verified any of this, just going off of other past experience with other electric motors).

IF it does work, I think it would be due to the speed controller. The digital portion of it will have some sort of voltage converter to rectify and step “line-AC” down to 5v(?) DC for the electronics. They probably have a very generous input voltage range (so they can use one motor worldwide). As long as you have voltage above the minimum (and below the maximum), it should step it down to the correct DC voltage for the controller to function. The motor is also a “brushed motor” (not as sensitive to frequency as an inductive motor). The controller is probably using PWM on the motor (it may also have a current feedback as well?). All it would do pulse the motor on and off at a high rate until it sees the correct RPM in the feedback loop. It then will reduce the “on-time” to maintain that speed. The motor could theoretically draw a lot more current and go a LOT faster if wired directly to line voltages but the closed loop digital speed controller is what gives it the flexibility.

Smart on their part from a global perspective. One system covers all markets.

Some power supplies use a similar technique. This is why you only need to change the cord on the input of your laptop charger to use it overseas. As long as you have voltage over the minimum and under the maximum, it will function.

Again, this is all just a wild guess. I have not opened one of these and poked around in it.

Thank you so much for your input. I think I’ll just go for the AEG or Makita as suggested from other users. Just to play it safe.


I have the AEG MF 1400 KE from Rotopino as others suggested on this forum. The z-axis installation was as easy as described for the Ridgid.

It comes with a hefty price, but the kit is worth it imo. We used it to cut anything from plywood to plexiglass with it. Add the right bit for the job and it works without any problems.

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@octi Yup, been researching and find the AEG should be the one to go for.

Do you mind show some of your work? Especially plexiglass. I’m looking for to make some 3D effect on plexiglass. As you mentioned, I think with the right software and correct router bit, it is possible.

Here are some example(5mm cast acrylic from conventional router) I’m looking forward to make one of these when I get the Maslow.

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buenas… el rigid que compraste lo usas con un adaptador a 110? o viene para funcionar en 110 y 220? Gracias… de donde eres? hace poco compramos una maslow y nos llegó el router hace poco… pronto a probarla…