Extend Chain Distance - Actual Distance Doesn't Match Setting

I have a 12’ top beam and use 2032mm for the setting. GC shows that it extends ~2030.9 mm. Is that on purpose due to something I’m not thinking about?

Windows 10 Home (build 1803): Updates are on and current…turning off now.
Arduino IDE: v1.8.8
FW/GC: Joshua’s Holey Calibration fork of v1.25 fw/gc


Did you change the setting recently and skipped shutting GC and unplugging the arduino?
Why 2032? A multiple of 13 (2 times chain pitch {6.5}) will give a number resulting in a tooth on 12 o’clock for marking. I would choose 2028 or 2041 for a round number without digits.

Edit: Did you also set the ‘chain length’ in advanced?

Edit2: Chain pith is 6.35 so feeding 2032 is perfect.

I changed the setting from default and did not do the shut down / disconnect dance. I don’t believe this had anything to do with the “actual” number being only 2 mm away from the setting. If the actual number shown under the control button area was the default, I would blame not doing the dance.

Chain pitch is 1/4” or 6.35 mm. I can’t take credit, madgrizzle set me straight.

I did set the chain the chain length manually. I’m very happy to have figured out how to use that. Thanks!!

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Thanks for the reminder. I forgot that i played with the settings to figure out what setting changes ‘confuse’ the arduino. arduino-insane Did not set this one back :man_facepalming: Sorry for the wrong number.

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It’s ok. I’m still wondering about my original question/ issue. Also, after my OP here, I hit the home button and the sled went about 18” below center. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m having so many weird problems that I haven’t had before.

If you start GC new, does it report-> port,PCB ver., FW/GVver. ?
Edit, am in the workshop now to see if i can replicate.

Edit2: 1 thing so far:

  • something crazy is going on

Need more whisky and time.
While waiting please post the value of

chainextendlength =

Form GC.ini

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Is confirmed in Bahrain with FW/GC1.26. i could think of something like a half chain link is deducted, but 6.35/2= 3.175. It does not match.
(this is after changing feed-out, finding a number ‘2000’ in GC.ini, resetting and un/re plugging and restarting GC, set chainextendlength = 2032 manually in the .ini. Verdict: FW/GC 1.26 not fit for distribution)

For this day i’ve reached ‘end of life’, see you all tomorrow.

Kind regards, Gero

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Yes, it is below. As you can see, I’m using v1.25, actually Joshua’s Holey v1.25 FW/GC fork, which is the only thing that works on this machine right now. I have OpenGL issues with v1.26. None of this makes sense because the only difference between the “official” v1.25 and v1.26 is pictures and description of calibration steps in GC.

At the time, it was exactly 2032. Since having this trouble, I’ve been messing with the number and doing manual set chain length as this has opened up my mind a bit.

We don’t know much more then that it’s not the fork. That still seems allot if you are optimist :slight_smile:
Just hoping that we are bumping this post so long back to the top until someone with more knowledge jumps in. I see incredible accuracy results posted, so it could also be something to not worry about if your cuts are ok :man_shrugging:

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