Chain length in advanced settings

I have a 12ft beam with 1.5 times normal chain length, minus a few links, should I set this to 5040?
In settings->advanced settings ->Chain Length
The length in mm of your chains, used to define the kinematics search space default setting: 3360

I would set the value to whatever the chain length is. You would run into an issue if the length of chain from one of the sprockets to the furthest corner of your workarea was greater than the value of the setting… you might get an error message indicating “Unable to find valid machine position for chain lengths”. It has to do with the machine trying to determine the x,y coordinates for a given chain length. Just go ahead and increase it. There’s no real downside.

OK, just calibrated with holey calibration, hit calculate, submit. I have to reconnect after I do any setting changes, how do I know it did anything?

You had to reconnect?

In testing, when I do something with adjusting system settings, I usually have to reconnect to the wireless. I’m not sure if Web Control reboots? So disconnect wifi on the phone, and reconnect. So if I do a quick configure, and submit, I may have to disconnect/ reconnect wifi. Settings usually take, so I never worried about it, thought it was just a system refresh kind of thing.

That’s odd… it shouldn’t need to reconnect. I don’t think webcontrol is restarting. Is the wifi weak where the webcontrol computer is?

Are you using multiple browsers (like a phone and a computer)?

Wifi is on the raspberry, with a phone as interface.

The rpi is acting as the wifi access point?

yes. I think with the laptop it stays connected more, the phone is more finicky.

Is there anything anywhere that says Hi you calibrated? or a setting somewhere so I can tell it did something?

Once you hit calculate and then accept (when the button becomes enabled), it will update the setting… there’s no message or anything.

I had to reenter, so it looks like it did ok:

Height of Motors: 719

Distance Between Motors: 3577.6

Left Chain Tolerance: 0

Right Chain Tolerance: 0

Calibration Error: n/a


Height of Motors: 716.76456

Distance Between Motors: 3574.66699

Left Chain Tolerance: -0.08738

Right Chain Tolerance: -0.19005

Calibration Error: 1.7921303070011863

Now to find something to cut!