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2 bugs, or not 2 bugs, that is the question (Arduino 'insane')



In my home-office fake-server Maslow setup, I managed to make the arduino ‘insane’ a couple of times.
Only unplugging the arduino with closed GC will cure this state.
What makes it hard to trace down is, that it’s not consistent repeatable. It took me 2 hours today (FW/GC1.26), to make it happen.

All that i could find out for now is how you can identify the insanity:
The only report after starting GC is the connected port. The FW and GC version are missing as well as the loaded position.

In this test all arrows where frozen. A click on the ‘Stop’ loaded the position and then the arrows played as they should. I had 1 occasion where the stop-button ‘healed’ the arduino and restarting GC would now show the expected feedback, but making it insane again and trying 6-7 times to repeat the miraculous healing failed.

Log.txt at start with healthy mega:

Connected on port /dev/ttyACM0
PCB v1.2 Detected
Grbl v1.00
Sent: $$
[Forward Calculating Position]
position loaded at:

insane mega:

Connected on port /dev/ttyACM0

The $$ is not sent, or not answered.

In lack of other suspects, i interrogated the ‘strange’ numbers reported from a $$ like:

$1=1219.19995117 (machine height, mm)
$12=8113.72998046 (main steps per revolution)
$13=63.29999923 (distance / rotation, mm)
$18=12.60000038 (max z axis RPM)
$19=3.17000007 (z axis distance / rotation)
$27=0.27999999 (main Kd Velocity)
$35=0.27999999 (z axis Kd Velocity)

I had to let them go, as they where seen in the healthy mega aswell, but will keep a good eye on those guys. Might bring them back in for some other bug’lery. They do look suspicious.

The second suspect questioned was ‘time’.
How long does it take to write the information that we write to the eeprom?
While restarting GC right after closing can let me keep the mega in insane state, some walks to check on the food on the oven seems to cure this issue and suddenly it will start GC normal will all reports.
And then again, waiting several minutes directly after changing the feedrate in GC, closing, waiting 5 minutes does not. This make no sense.

Totally lost here.

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I don’t have much to add right now but wanted to say thank you for doing this.