Fail of the Week

Fail of the Week. F-Up of the Week. Whatever you would like to call it.

I am going to start a Project of the Week thread as well, but if you are like me, I tend to make mistakes and fail before I figure things out to complete a project.

I think failures are learning points. Just another step in reaching your goal. People often omit their mistakes or failures, perhaps out of fear of ridicule, and I would encourage everyone to not make fun of what has been done, but offer advice on how to do it better.

I’ll start this off.

I’m doing three different bathroom renovations right now, and I have planned to build the vanity cabinets myself. I have used a combination of hand tools and the cnc machines to do them.

I decided that I wanted to try to make the drawers (at least the inside) on the cnc machine, and I attempted to use Box Maker in Easel, and I could cut to size and assemble with box joints and glue. It seemed simple, but wasn’t.

As you can see, my box joints don’t line up. I made some adjustments and recut it two or three more times before I said ‘to hell with it’, and just made dadoes for the pieces to go together.

These pieces don’t look great either, so I will redo it for the other drawer.

I suppose the lesson learned here is that there is always another way. Instead of fighting with the box joints that I didn’t understand, I switched to dadoes and had a working project on my next cut. I need to refine my design some more, but it is moving in the right direction.

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He estado estudiando esa solución, los diseñadores le llaman “huesos” y se trata de añadir circulos a las esquinas de los ángulos internos, con un diámetro apenas un poco mas grande que la fresa que uses en el router. Con esta imagen me explico un poco


congrats on the progression of using your tools. I think you have a great attitude to share the project and its failings and your intent in learning is to be applauded. It looks to me like you only had issue with that one piece and were pretty close. I’ve made a couple boxes with finger joints that are typically laser cut, but the trick is in the corners and getting the pattern to fit correctly. I typically draw a bunch of boxes and overlap and subtract them and then copy and rearrange. There has to be a faster way to do it and I thought I saw a box software link recently… if I can find it I’ll share.

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Has it been a week already? Time flies when you’re making junk.

I’d sure like to encourage some others to post some stuff up. Show us your fails, and how you resolved it.

Here’s a really simple one. I set up a cut and walked away, and when I came back to look at it, I was like “What the heck is that? That’s not what it is supposed to look like at all!” Well, in my haste, I forgot to secure the piece to the wasteboard, so the bit pushed the piece around, and this is what it was doing. Ugh.

Here’s another shot, if you zoom in a look at it, you can see the smoke coming out. It’s a good thing I caught it when I did. I sure wouldn’t want my F of the Week to be a picture of my burnt-down shop.


Got some nice smoke going there. Did the gcode finish and it sat they spinning the bit against the wood

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No. The board was not affixed to the wasteboard, so when the bit got deep enough it actually moved the piece, which made the cuts not line up any more. When it went to do the next pass even deeper, but on a fresh line, it was a bit too aggressive. I wasn’t far away so I literally heard it sound wrong and got over there to shut it down, but yeah it was smoking. Don’t leave your machine unattended. lol.


Another week, and nobody else has had a fail? Man, I’m out on a limb here. lol.

Here’s my fail of the week.

I have been trying to do this carve for a while. This is my third attempt, and I am still not happy. It is still too deep and tearing out some of the lettering. So I will adjust and do it again.

What are you working on?


My fail of the week is that I haven’t been able to make any time to get my M4 anchored and ready for calibration. Maybe this next week.


I got a good one this week. Too hasty to upload gcode and send. Maslow put 4 holes in the concrete for me. lol