Project of the Week

Alright, this isn’t a contest or anything. Just post up what you are working on, even if it is still in progress! Let’s see what others are working on?

This is a vanity cabinet for my half bathroom. I designed the basic carcase using Easel Legacy Cabinet Designer, and then I modified it with my router table, hole saw and jigsaw to accommodate pipes and some extra dadoes that I wanted after the fact.

I cut the carcase pieces using 5/8 plywood, because I have a bunch laying around so it was kinda free to be able to experiment with things. It turned out okay. Not awesome, but it was useable, so I proceeded.

I contacted Inventables and requested access to their new CabinetMaker app, which is still in development and not exactly available to the public, but it was really easy to get access to it. I designed a simple two-drawer cabinet to fit inside the carcase, and cut that out of 5/8 plywood as well. To note - although I did tell CabinetMaker that I wanted to use 5/8 material, there were a few pieces that had to be cut on 1/2 material, so I did have to pick up another sheet.

The drawer cabinet went together very well once I had all the pieces figured out and cut at the right dimensions. It fit into the carcase nicely, and I undersized it just a bit so that I wouldn’t have any fitment issues, which (you guessed it) caused fitment issues that I had to shim. No big deal.

From this point on, everything is done by me using hand tools and a router table. This is the top of the face trim, and I had to route around the drawer box, but it fit up nicely. No cnc here.

The face is done in pine, and dadoed to make a flush face. This is the first cabinet I have tried to make with a flush face, and I think it turned out pretty good, although it is not perfect.

What are you working on?


Looks amazing! Well done

Buen trabajo

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Thanks guys.

This was the easy bathroom. Now I am working on the ensuite in the master to turn it into something amazing and make my wife happy.

I have to do two separate cabinets in that bathroom, but I don’t know if I want to make them identical. I think I want to design two different cabinets (his and hers), and just finish them with the same stain, top, sink and faucets. I have some time to think about it, lol. I have to build the shower first.

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Dang!!! That looks super clean.

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