FAKE_SERVO and Z-Axis position reporting

I’m doing some testing/development on a spare controller with FAKE_SERVO enabled in the firmware. I get position updates for X, Y and Z, but Z is always 0.19 inches (assume its truncated and not rounded to 0.20). Whenever I send a Z-Axis move, it seems to take the necessary time to do that move, but the Z position message from the controller never changes from 0.19. Does anyone know if there is a limitation with FAKE_SERVO and the Z-Axis position reporting?

I just loaded up firmware v1.23 and set FAKE_SERVO on to double check, the Z axis runs as expected here. I should say that I used the Z-Axis popup to test, not a gcode file…
…and, checked correcy operation in a gcode file as well.

Thanks. I’m going to do a reboot of the controller to see if that helps. Could be something being reported on in this thread:

I’ve checked in macOS and Win10, both seem to work as expected.

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I got it working again. keeping long story short, might be an issue with the controller thinking the zaxis is disabled but groundcontrol thinking otherwise.


So what steps to the fix - cycling the setting in GC?

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In my case it was. Not sure it’s related to the other thread… but will post there


I had something like that last night. My z axis cable had come loose from the board so it wasn’t working at all, then when I reseated the connector, it would sorta work but I got the sled not keeping up error. I fiddled with some things (closed groundcontrol, disabled and reenabled the z axis) and things started working normally again

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