Finally set up and .... nothing works!

i have just gotten my frame built and everything set up to calibrate…but nothing is happening?? I have power the circuit board…everything is plugged in…and it says connected in ground control…but nothing happens…when I do test motors/encoder…all movements fail…no idea what I should do??

The power supply for the motor shield is in it and not plugged in the arduino below?
Do you have 2 LED lighting on the shield?
Any error messages?

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Is your USB cable plugged into the correct port?

just to check, you have the power plugged into the motor board, not the arduino
board. (gettting this wrong will still power the arduino, but not get the motors
to move)

David Lang

I tried both USB ports on my laptop and didn’t change anything…

the plugs are different…so there’s no way to plug them into the wrong part…i think…

also, i have one green light…a solid yellow and a flashing yellow when the usb is plugged in. i do get an EEPROM error code and it says it’s going to default settings…and when i try the arrows to move the motors, i get a alarm saying the sled isn’t keeping up

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Can you post a picture of the motor shield?
New users are a bit restricted for moments, a few posts will solve this.

the power plugs on both boards are the same, it’s very common for people to plug
into the wrong board.

David Lang

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Welcome to the forums, @rookie! Great username, by the way. There’s a wealth of information here in the forums, so I recommend using the search feature liberally. There is a wiki category that we are slowly building. Once you find the solution to your problem, be sure to let us know if it shows up in the wiki. If not, you can add it, or alert us in this thread and there’s a good chance someone else will.

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Oh, yes, and I forgot the other part of my post. Tell us a little about your setup. What kit or parts are you using? In this case I’m specifically interested in the electronics.

Check this post, it might have your answer. Motors Unresponsive - MacBook Pro & new kit

thanks for all of the assistance! dlang was right…rookie mistake…who’d a thunk it. Cheers!