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Motors not responding , boards got power

Not sure what I have done. Rebuild frame and now motors don’t work. The board has power but all three motors don’t respond at all. Was using ground control, now switched to web control. Have had to repair computer once also but don’t think that should be a problem. Computer recognizes maslow on com 3. Just not sure what changed, did redownload everything new. did not import anything in to web control.

Do you have power connected directly to the motor shield? It doesn‘t look like this in the pictures. Looks like you are having the arduino powered by the USB but you need 5v power plugged in the motor board.


Correct no power supply besides USB. So I need a power supply besides the USB. I was running fine before changing frames. I guess I could have misplaced one cord. I will check the shop tomorrow.


That is a nice case! The power supply you need is 12V and plugs in here:


I an way outta my zone when it come to computers. I thought that the power light on the board means it has power.

But as stated above looking in my garage to see if I miss placed it . Thx for the advice again. Hope will find it just laying around somewhere.

the green light on the lower board means the brain has power, but it runs on 5V from its USB as @superbender mentioned above. The motors take more power than the USB can deliver, so they have a separate higher power source to draw from for movement.


I agree with @Orob, it has to be 12V. I misspoke in my previous post.

Here are a couple of pics from my setup.
Pic1 = power supply, 12V/5A inner contact is positiv
Pic2 = where they plug in

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You guys were correct. I miss placed it with some of my halloween electronics. Thx for all the help. Calibration time now.


Great that you found it.
Good luck with the calibration.

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