Motors not working at all

I put this together, I cut the new sled. I put the new sled together, I go to calibrate and the motors will not move. It is connected. When I do the motor test they all fail. Any help would be appreciated. I bought this from Eastbay and I am using the v1.4 shield.


When all the motors don’t work that usually means an issue with the power. Do you see a green light on the board which turns on and off when you plug in and out the power supply?

nope no lights. Funny you say that I was just trying to figure out if the power supply was bad… You think that is it?

It’s almost always a power supply issue when the motors don’t move at all because the left and right motors are completely independent systems.

Is there a light on the power supply itself?

There are two plugs (one on the arduino, one on the motor shield), are you plugging into the one on the motor shield?

there is no light on the power supply. Yes I am plugged into the correct board. I am going to see if they have one of those universal power supply things at walmart, see if I can get it fixed.

I’ve had this when the power was plugged into the Mega instead of the Maslow board, and when the power cord of the power supply wasn’t firmly seated (led on the power supply?)

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I would also consider trying a different outlet just as a quick solution to eliminate one potential issue

There is no light on the power supply. It is definitely plugged into the correct board because the arduino board power is covered. No power adapter at walmart. I guess I will start by ordering a power supply and take it from there.

ridiculously stupid solution. I unplugged the power strip to plug in the sander, and never plugged the power strip in. So horrible wasted half a day.


I have literally done the same thing more than once.

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