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Finally! Starting my build (wall mounted and hinged)


Any updates, guys? I’m just getting started and wanting to do a wall mount design.


the wall build is basically the same as the stock frame, just skip the back legs
and kickers and put hinges on the top (possibly with another crossmember to make
mounting the hinges more convienient)

when you leave out the kickers, just attach something to the bottom crossmember
to support your material.

David Lang


Yup. That’s exactly what we are doing. The back legs are gone. The front legs are about 30 or 40cm shorter (because they don’t touch the ground), and the kicker is basically a block which protudes a little past the front of the frame.

We screwed a long board horizontally to the top and put four beefy brass hinges on it. Another board is screwed to the wall for the other side of the hinges.

Two arms drop down where the kickers would be and drop into receptacles on the wall to space the bottom of the frame out to 15°.


Where are you in your progress? Would you do anything different?


I’ve been pretty happy with my set up, but haven’t had a lot of time to work with it.


We have assembled the frame and attached it to the wall. We have programmed the Arduino. That’s all.

The tablet we intended to use won’t run Ground Control, so that has stalled things. The next step is to screw the motors on and set up the chains etc.

Not found anything we should have done differently (yet) other than maybe start sooner.


Good afternoon, I would love to get a copy of your sketch up plans please.


Replying to myself because that’s what passes for discourse these days.

We have now attached the motors, chains, and bungees. We attached the Arduino to the top hinged beam and routed the wires. Next: modify router, build temporary sled, get software working, build final sled.


thanks for the update. I’m still drawing the frame on graph paper.


Jolly good. It took us a long time to get started, but we’re rolling along now.

I am informed by the Department of Binary Machines that Ground Control is now working on our donated tablet, which was washed and waxed and reinstalled with Windows 8. That means the last potential sticking point is clear.


Hi Marty,
I’ll email them across as soon as I find the file…

@mods, please direct me to where I should best post sketch-up files, gcode and stuff.

Been otherwisely busy for a while, but back in the cave now with a second sled in set-up and a few successful projects under my chains! Need to catch up here and post some of this stuff, and get a sheet material order together!


Thank you for your email, please post wherever you want just let me know so I can find them.

Marty Max


Hi Marty, email sent with zipped attachment ;¬)