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Fire suppression system?


:slight_smile: nice!
and I like that fancy brick! What’s the deal with that?


Walking in Baltimore in Fells Point neighborhood with my family, we took an arbitrary turn that saved us from being crushed by a building that was being demolished which fell the wrong way. We saw it fall. Crushed a few parked cars. I picked up this brick from the rubble. One of the fancy ones from the top.


The grandbaby lives in Upper Fells Point. Should I be worried about falling buildings?


:slight_smile: Crazy

And glad you and your family were safe

Jake, Just realized from my email that that was you! Both super glad and super crazy!


I think staying clear of building demolition is good practice. Hopefully a lesson was learned, either to fully block the street or to do something to prevent a forward fall, but since there were luckly no injuries, its less likely.


Nice, would you mind, for the sake of science of course, to set your Maslow on fire to see if it would work? :slight_smile:


Yes, I wonder how much the center ring upright would block the explosion, but hopefully I’ll never end up learning the hard way. This ball is also supposed to make a loud tonal noise in addition, so if somehow I was oblivious to the smoke, then fire, I probably should wake up from the alarm. I also have a smoke detector, so it’s kinda overboard. I might mount it over my 3D printer instead.


Is it the explosion itself that extinguishes the fire? I’d expect it’s the powder that does it, the explosion just disperses it.


It is the powder.

I should keep these in mind for the moose shop project


Agreed. It’s the powder, but the upright could block the dispersion. It’s a bit overkill still, I think. It was more in the spirit of “here’s a crazy idea that would be expensive, complicated, and hard to test… wait… here’s a $35 and 5 minute alternative”


You could turn the basket around. The ball looks squeezed and might still hold, if not a thin nylon with do the trick.


I mean the upright from the Maslow ring system might block it.


Oh, yes, the top L-angle might divert the powder ʌ


Do you have a slow-mow device to record? I would be willing to invest the $40, plus whatever a flare and a L-braket mounted on a scrap wood would cost :slight_smile:
From what I’ve seen about this balls, the cloud created should be good enough, but you never know until you know. The dust mask is mandatory.


I don’t! I have an app on my iPad called “speed machine” that lets you choose the recording frames per second for video, but I don’t think that counts.
Found these too. Cheaper and smaller.


A test sounds awesome.
HOWEVER… I would imagine that the fire suppressant used in the ball is similar to that used in dry chemical fire extinguishers. Having dealt with that stuff as both a firefighter and having had an extinguisher go off in my car’s trunk, you do not want to do that test in an enclosed space that you want to continue to use for anything else. That powder is EXTREMELY fine and difficult to clean up, not to mention that it is corrosive and overall bad for electronic equipment (and don’t breathe it in).

That is all to say that whoever (and I hope someone takes up the gauntlet) decides to run the test should just have a space that can be used for it. Any firefighters out there that could use a burn house for the purpose? I’d pitch some money in for a full scale test including simulating a motor stoppage while the Maslow was running to see how long it takes to get a fire going with the router (a junk router would be needed, but the rest of the Maslow hardware could be omitted from the frame).

This is starting to sound like a lot of fun :slight_smile:


It’s setting stuff on fire with an explosion at the end, what part of that could not be fun :slight_smile:


paying for the stuff? :slight_smile:


we can already divide that at least by 4 to make it not hurt that much
Lets start a crowdfunding, target $100 :wink: Promising an explosion we will hit that in minutes.


Do you have a space and the time to do it? If so, I’ll donate some funds to that. (I think those things will be the hardest)