Tilt Gyro Sensor board / Sled Fault Alarm

I’d like to work up a fault detector board for the sled.

(I think @Bee brought this up once, but the discussion ended up being focused on aligning the plane of the chain with the drive sprockets.)

@Bee was talking about position as well as tilt, but I’d like to start with an extensible alarm sensor board that simply starts with a gyro and some analysis/monitoring.

Objectives (in order of requirement):
#1 - Filter out normal sled/Maslow vibration.
2 - Detect Sled-Tilt / Frame-Tilt mismatch.
3 - Detect sled Over-Acceleration (Fall Detection).
4 - Temp/Fire Sensor
I believe that these can be done independent of communication with the Maslow.
Faults # 2 & 3 could be directly trip relays for router AC (And Arduino, if desired).

Future/Phase 2 possibilities depend on some comms with the Main Arduino (I prefer I2C because I have some experience with it) and integration with Ground Control:
5 - Detect Calculated-Sled-Acceleration / Measured-Sled-Acceleration mismatch.

Additional future expansion of the fault board could include the things @Bee mentioned by using Laser Time-Of-Flight(TOF), Sonar, or some other positioning sensor additions:
6 - Detect Calculated-Chain-Length / Measured-Chain-Length mismatch.
7 - Detect Calculated-Sled-position / Measured-Sled-Position mismatch.

I am not sure what other catastrophic failures could be detected, but my intuition is that if it can’t be sensed by the movement of the sled, it is not catastrophic.

Anyone done any work on / looked into something like this ?