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Fire suppression system?


I wouldn’t make the fire detection part of the Arduino setup - one possible cause of fire is when the Arduino is not operating correctly.


To know you can rely on a fire sensing system, you really need to test it out to be sure it works as intended. You shouldn’t need to actually start a fire, just get things warm enough to trigger your alarm.


I think I’m just going to buy one of those stove top fire canisters mentioned above and make a longer fuse for it that goes down really close to the router bit for now until I figure out something more high-tech.


If it’s low-tech and it works, that’s the best solution of all!


this looks like a good warning system. which can be hooked up the aux 1 port to auto shut off router


unit on amazon has the relay on same board as flame sensor so easier to wire up.

initereseting to note that it detects infrared light so its plausible that it could be mounted close to the router bit and detect when it is getting hot enough to emit IR light and turn off router before a flame is even started.


Looks like an add-on that couldn’t hurt.

I would assume that this would require a focusing lens to mount the sensor out of the dust collection zone (plus extensive testing). Has anyone played with these before?

P.S. As with all of these similar topics before - I don’t think anyone is suggesting that additional safety measures would imply less operator monitoring - Operating a CNC is dangerous - you should never leave it un-attended!


I ordered one to play with. The ones with the relay included I could only find from china. Amazon has an IR only sensor if you do not want the relay. a small tube or 3d printed widget could be put over the ir sensor to focus the energy. Dust might be an issue, but I think it can be overcome .The youtube video above shows it working with the flame quite far away.


A you planing to put arduino-nano or something on the sled (would only cut router power) or add wires and have it separate?


I think that the one thing I haven’t seen addressed here (may have missed it) but an IR sensor could be pretty useless with only a small amount of dust buildup blocking it.