First Middle School Project

First project my middle school students were able to make using Maslow! Freshly painted factory top of door decoration for the set of Willy Wonka Jr. We used v-carve to create the design. We were lucky enough to win a free Maslow through the educational voting competition last year! (thanks @bar and @hannah)


exactly the sort of uses the maslow was designed for!

and just too late to put in this week’s update.

Please give @bar permission to use it in the next update.


did your students build the maslow?

Thanks for the feedback, looking forward to many more projects with my students. @bar has my permission to use this in the update or is there another way I need to give permission? Here is a picture of the part being cut. The original outside profile toolpath had a glitch at the top (maybe something to do with the post processor I chose on v-carve), but we were able to make a separate arc toolpath to make it work.



The students helped a little. The school play is next week, so another teacher and I did most of the Maslow assembly.

Could that drop possibly be caused by a chain skip?

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That’s certainly what it looks like. It’s about in the right place for a chain skip too.

@mlugo: That’s awesome! Love seeing the machine getting used for set design! This is the kinda thing the machine is perfectly suited for. Good luck with the show, break a leg! :grin:

That’s why I immediately thought of it. If so, the machine needs to be recalibrated.

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so awesome! thanks so much for sharing an can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:

my son who is a 7th grader has started to build one. he’s planning on building frame once at home. disassembling (unistrut) and finish at school in 2 days. reasonable?

What post processor did you choose? There’s another user with pp related gcode issues.

It might be worth adding a VCarve item to the wiki to share this kind of information

I originally thought it was chain skip, but I was watching closely and did not see any. I also figure if the chain had skipped it would have thrown off other dimensions of the toolpath, but all other cuts came out correct. We made some more test cuts including the peanuts below today and everything cut correctly. The post processor I used for the original cut in v-carve was Anderson ATC (Inch)(.nc). I have changed to Centurion V ATC Arcs(Inch)(.nc) and it seems to be working. I plan on recalibrating soon. IMG_2551


It literally happens too fast to see. You would probably hear it (I did when it happened to me).

How many passes were you doing to cut through the plywood? If it did the exact same thing on a second pass, then that’s not a chain skip…

The cuts I was working on looked good after my chain skip… But I was making two of each part and when I placed them one atop another, I noticed differences.

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You won’t need to do the full calibration process, just the “Calibrate Chain Lengths Automatic” which should only take 2-3 minutes so it’s much quicker :grinning:

Those peanuts are awesome! I’m really excited you are working on a set because seeing a school build a set has always been a dream of ours :+1::+1:

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How fast was your feed rate? I have experienced the left motor not being able to keep up with the right and having similar results. I seemed to have the problem towards the top and going from right to left. My thought was the motor is working harder at the top and the left was working harder then the right and wasn’t able to keep up. Running at a reduced feed rate helped.

Thanks @bar, we really appreciate the tip about “Calibrate Chain Lengths Automatic”. We are excited as well to create a lot of projects with the students.

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@bar and @hannah there should be a lot more schools in New York State looking into getting a Maslow CNC! Last Thursday we packed up Maslow and drove it 2.5 hours to the New York State Technology and Engineering Education Association conference. We were able to show it off as we presented the Maker Space we built to other engineering teachers Maslow%20NYSTEEA
Of course I forgot to take a picture while everyone was around checking it out. We will be building three slim chairs this week with 3rd graders and then getting started on a giant triceratops.


That’s awesome!!!

Send them our way and we’ll get them machines :grinning: