Any Schools using Maslows?

I am a high school wood-shop teacher, and I am really interested in building one of these rigs in my wood-shop for my students to use.

Is anyone doing this in a school or other educational environment (maker space, etc.)?

There are so many interesting possibilities with the system:

Design, Modeling, CNC, code, trouble shooting, etc.

I taught Agricultural Precision Technologies, and I am a full blown nerd, so I am not too scared of new challenges,

Thanks for your comments!


You should shoot us an email an and we can probably send you a free kit. We want to support schools!



Welcome to our group. I’d love to help out any way I can. I’d like to set up a project to take new users through a simple project beyond building the Maslow. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss a starting curriculum. CNC can be slow to produce results and if you need to do it in a time frame it helps to plan for something small that engages. For instance a 3D printed articulated model wows people but if it takes 16 hours to print in class room setting it can be much less impressive then a Calibration cube that complete in about 15 min. I like to make bottle openers as they are functional and can be made in 45 min - 70 min depending on how solid when 3D printng. The Maslow can complete a smaller project in a 45 min time frame, the thickness of wood you need to go through will impact this greatly.

Thank you


I’m new to the forum but have been quietly following Maslow CNC’s progress.

I teach wood shop and welding at a junior high in northeast Texas. I’ve been showing my kids Maslow CNC videos on YouTube and they’re stoked!

Good to know other shop teachers are on board!

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Welcome to the group. I’ve seen a hand full of shop teachers post here. We also have a student here that is taking a Maslow to school as a school project.

Thank you

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there were a bunch of maslows donated to schools (for every X sold in the
kickstarter, one was donated to a school), and a few schools purchased them.


I’m with one of the schools that received a Kickstarter Maslow donation. Ours is for our FIRST Robotics Team. We have been using a laser cutter at a local makerspace to cut parts for our robot out of wood and plastic. I hope to bring most of that work into our own workshop and expand into aluminum with the Maslow.

I’m also thinking about how to use the Maslow for team fundraising, since we are an extracurricular activity.

We received our kit just before robotics build season began, and it has been killing me not being able to put our kit together! The robot has priority, though.


We purchased one near the end of last year. Got it halfway together, only to return in Septemeber to find one of the chain sprockets missing. Trying to hunt down replacement parts…

The motor sprocket or the idler sprocket? I have extras