First Project! Pedestal for my brothers bronze sculptures

Hi All! So, been a long month or so trying to find the time to put the kit together. After some frame modifications (still ongoing :)) and some simple test cuts I finally got to making something with a few parts. This is a pedestal my brother can take with him to art shows. Now I need to stain and glue this sucka together.


Can’t wait to see finished! Your brother is gonna love it. Great job.

Looks fantastic! Keep up the good work!

That is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it stained

What do these parts do:

I haven’t seen anything like that before

Those are for corner clamps. I got the idea in the community garden that showed this concept and wanted to try it.


Ebony stain followed by heavy sanding with 200 grit. Ended with American oak stain. Can’t wait to seal it up with a nice clear poly or this wax I bought. Would like more opinions on finish if anyone cares to share.


The flash does not do it justice. Looks much better in person.