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First project cut - trombone stand

My first project was pretty involved.

I had to learn how to design (fusion 360), learn and create g-code (also Fusion 360), and finally to run the code on a brand-new untested Maslow.

Here it is in process

and here is how it came out

cut from 5mm thick plywood. normally used for underlayment, but really high-quality stuff.

still need to finish some details like adding some magnets to hold it together, and better “hinges” at the bottom (not shown).
but otherwise, pretty successful.

thanks for all the help along the way!



that is really good for first project!

Looks great! I must admit I feel a little cheated not seeing an actual trombone on it though :wink:


This looks fantastic! What a good example of some shapes which would be difficult to make by hand.

Same. Would like to see trombone stand “in action”.

Many of you asked to see the trombone stand in action.

Here are two shots after I finished the hinged legs.
Google Photos

Google Photos

I’ve already got a few improvements in mind.

maybe for the Mark 3 version.
(Mark 1 was a google SketchUp disaster, so this is mark 2).



Very nice! What CAD software did you use to design version 2?

Fusion 360 for design and CAM.

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Looks fantastic! OP delivers!

Great work Keith!