Mismatch firmware in GC?

Long-time lurker first time poster…
When I start Ground Control it tells me the firmware on my Arduino is .78?
I downloaded the 1.0?
I tried it from the link in the set up instructions as well as going directly to git hub…
It seems to be working okay I just get an error everytime I open GC.
Oh great and powerful Bar, can you tell me how to fix it or can I just ignore it like my wife does with the lights on her dash?
If you tell me to ignore it, please be an attentive developer.
Im hoping you’ll check on it once in a while just in case. Make sure no lights have come on that I may not notice.
Because I know how that ends.
Fire, smoke, but it’s only been doing that for the last month or so…or the infamous, it’s always been like that…

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you do need to update the firmware on the arduino to match the version of GC
that you use.

what directions did you use to update the firmware?

That indication is right are you sure that uploading the firmware to the Arduino went smoothly? Where the instructions these: https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Firmware/wiki/Firmware-Setup

Did you see any warning in the Arduino IDE when uploading the firmware?

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Welcome to or group. Each time we upgrade Ground Control, there has been a corresponding firmware update. At this time we are puttng out releases every 2 weeks. In some lesser upgrades you can ignore the mismatch message. The 1.0 upgrade improves accuracy greatly and so it is strongly advised to upgrade your firmware.

Information on this weeks upgrade is here -


Firmware is here -

steps here -

Please let us know if you have any questions on updating the firmware.

Thank you

Thanks for getting back to me everybody.
This is a brand new installation on a brand new Arduino.
I’m using the setup directions step by step and I clicked on the link for the most current firmware and this is what I got.
It appears to be working okay although if you’re saying there’s a problem with accuracy I haven’t had a chance to test it yet.
My setup is what you might call a little exotic…
Although I expect the way I’m doing it I should be more acurate anyway as I’m using solid linear rails instead of chain. I’m going to use the standard settings for accuracy, so the idea is to compare it to what I should be getting with the chain…
Anyway I think the link is pointing to the the wrong firmware…
Oh, and no problems hooking up to the Arduino or doing the upload of the sketch.
In fact, no problems connecting to the Arduino with GC.
I’ll try and go back to get Gitcha Hub and look for the most recent sketch and make sure I’m downloading the correct one from there instead of just using the link.
See how that works.
Should have checked that before anyway.

I’m really excited to see pictures of that! It sound fantastic.

The right link to the lastest version is here: https://github.com/MaslowCNC/Firmware/releases Where was the link to the old version? I’d like to get that updated, sorry for the trouble!