The letter of the day is "N"

I wanted to try out a cut of a scripted letter today and chose the letter “N.” It turned out great save a chip in the upper right corner due to my router bit coming loose. I used Inkscape to create this letter and it was super easy. Just type in what you’d like and choose a font. Then select your letter or letters and click Path --> Object to Path. I made a tutorial here for converting Inkscape to gcode paths using MakerCam. A quick and easy project!


Thank you for this tutorial. I was just about to do couple names and you have me all the answers I needed.

No problem! Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to see how your letter projects turn out.

Beautiful work! Way to go above an beyond to make a tutorial! This is something which is asked about regularly, a lot of people will benefit from having a tutorial

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