New to the CNC World and have several questions

Let me start by saying Hello to all the Maslow users! Waiting on mine to ship this week and can’t wait to get it started. My wife and I have been talking about uses for the Maslow and she mainly wants it for simple projects to start. We plan to make halloween and Christmas decorations with it first thing.

My biggest question being new to the CNC world is where to start? For example lets say my wife finds an outline of a pumpkin online and wants it cut. How do I start? From what I have read it needs to be an svg file correct? Then it seems like uploading that file into easel to generate gcode seems to be the easiest route for a newbie. Also, if we decide we want happy halloween or something similar engraved into the pumpkin, can text be added on easel?

I am sure I am going to have LOTS of newbie questions! So please bear with me! Thanks


Hi I also have these doubts but with these videos I have found something to guide me the only thing I need is to be able to buy the router and make the base to start with some designs

i hope this can help you to start =)


We did that for a project a while back.
Inkscape (which is frefe) has a “trace bitmap” function that creates a vector from a bitmap. When i did it, it still needed some cleaning up afterwards,but it is a lot easier then tracing them by hand.

If you got more questions, just ask, someone will probably awnser :slight_smile:

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