First V Carve Attempt - Mom Sign

Started my first v carve and it appears that there is some edge roughness. Not sure if it is due to the inaccuracies in placement or cutting too fast or what exactly. Will do another attempt slower and at less depth.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 233250

Marked the center on the wood which lined up with the g code home position. This technique worked well.

Cut Part

Zoomed in to show the bumpyness

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Slowing the speed down to 5ipm as well as 0.025in passes seemed to have helped. Overall depth 0.05 inches.

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I think that this looks pretty great!

We still need to tune the PID controller which should help improve that kind of fine movements at higher speeds too

Another test V Carve attempt. All these cuts are on a 2 x 4 to give everyone some scale. Better for sure. GARDEN text was cut with F-Carve. Back Garden Grill was with F-Carve Pro (trial)

Switched to a 1.5mm end mill to try a different approach.

As cut

After run through the planer.

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I haven’t tried F-Carve yet. But I have done v carving using ESTLCam, I’m pretty sure I got slightly better results than you have.

Another option is to do an initial roughing pass with a regular end mill to take out a big chunk of the material before doing a finishing pass with your v-carve bit

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That makes sense. Do you mind sharing some pictures?

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I did this a few years back as the front for some kitchen drawers What did you cut today? - Projects - Maslow CNC Forums . So variable width lines in the SVG, then feed the design through ESTLCam for the correct depth of cut at each point - it has a carve option

This was using a round bit instead of a V to get the variable width lines. But after doing this I would recommend a V bit in general

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Looks great. Thanks for sharing

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This looks fantastic! I haven’t played around much with v carving so it’s really cool to see