V-carve feed and speed

Used my first v-carve bit, 1/2in 90° with 1/4in shank.
I know that I went a little too deep on this small peice. Have searched around and found varying info for feed, speed and depth. Anyone with insights or that could point me in the right direction? Will be greatly appreciated!!


You did that on a Maslow?

Oh @bar, you’ve got to see this!


Looks pretty good! Figuring out the right depth for engraving takes a bit of experimentation.

According to Onsrud’s plywood chart an ideal chipload for a V-groove tool (37-80) is somewhere between 0.004-0.006. Is it a 2 flute bit? If so, we can solve for the feedrate:

F = R x E x C

F = Feed Rate in IPM
R = Spindle RPM
E = Cutting Edges
C = Chip Load

F = 10000 x 2 x 0.004
F = 80

To convert to metric:
F = 80 * 25.4
F = 2032

So according to Onsrud’s specifications you’d need to run the bit at beyond our current max feedrate. Things to keep in mind:

  1. This chipload is specifically for Onsrud’s tooling. It serves as a starting point, but things can change with different tool manufacturers.
  2. The tooling that Onsrud sells that matches closest to yours has a 1/2" shank and a cutting diameter or 1 1/2". It’s safe to assume that it is going to be more robust and take more sideload.

I would try to run the bit at 1000mm/min at 10000 rpm on a short cut and listen to the noise it makes. If it screams, it’s running too slowly. This will burn the tool out faster. Until we figure out ways to safely increase the feedrate on the machine or lower the spindle rpm with a VFD there isn’t too much that can be done. If it sounds like it’s struggling, it’s running too fast. This could break the bit. Either increase the RPM or the feedrate until it makes as little noise as possible.


Thank you so much @MeticulousMaynard !! And @TheRiflesSpiral , yes sir, Maslow all the way!!


Here is the file tiger.nc (156.2 KB)

Im pretty sure I went a little too deep. Was set at .1in depth for a single follow path operation. Being so small I set the tool size as .1in since on follow path. Almost certain my zaxis wasnt zeroed and went slightly deeper.

Hi @clintloggins, that tiger looks great. I saw the pic you posted in the 1.0 calibration pop-up thread and was very impressed. Was that one done with the same 90 degree v-carve bit? And did you say you are using a stock Maslow with quad kinematics?

Great work, I hope you’ll keep posting all the amazing things you are making.

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@Keith I built maslow without the kit because I couldnt wait!!! Std frame, got etonm motors from the source and my z axis on amazon. Probably cost double the kit cost :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Triangular kinematics all the way!!!
Same 90° v-carve bit at .2” depth and scaled up.

Used Adobe Capture to get the svg


I love it! I’m going to start asking early so I won’t forget. Can I put this in the next newsletter?


Here’s the finished product. Tried Shou Sugi Ban but burned off multiple layers of ply. Finally got down then sanded the highlights. Finished off with several coats of soft wax.


This is simply amazing. Beautiful work!


Gift was a hit! Made it on the living room shelf. Thanks @bar !!


Thanks for sharing the photos @clintloggins so we could all enjoy it!

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Nice work!