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Flat Motor Mount Plates

Has anyone ever tried flat motor mount plates? Just made these (see att pic) to go with some chain guides i 3d printed…I was having trouble with the OEM mounts twisting a little which caused chain misalignment which caused… well lets say i need to start my son’s Christmas present over again on a fresh sheet. :frowning: Figured these flat plates wont twist and should keep the motor nice and paralellel. I’m sure i’ll have to tweak my guide so we will leave that for another discussion :).2019-12-20 17_59_48-Voice - Duncan Burns


That is a fantastic idea and I have no idea how we didn’t think of that before. I guess maybe with the very first frame design the angle was needed but for the modern frame designs this seems like a better solution. Let us know how they work in practice.

Love it. I would definitely use these on my frame if someone was selling.

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Yes, if they work out ok, I have a CNC plasma, can cut you a set. I’ll play more tomorrow.


I will be following this! I would be interested in a set from you if you find they work out!.

I just lengthened and raised my top bar. I noticed the outer edges were pulling up slightly. I just put some “custom-contoured” fender-washers under the screw heads for now.

I’m also in to be your first customer… I was just working on doing the same given the twisting problems I’ve encountered recently. Thought about just replacing it with some 2" square tube and welding the brackets on. This is much better.

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Do you have a CAD drawing for this one?

I reverse engineered the holes for these mounts, it’s pretty trivial

David Lang