New Motor mount test

So I strapped the new mounts on the top bar of my 80/60 build. I gave it to a friend but he has yet to pick it up. Unfortunately since I put the top beam away it warped in ~20 degrees of rotation so I will get it replaced. It was good enough to test mount with. As designed it’s a dream to just sink 2 screws and be done. For my permeant build I will add 6mm ( 1/4 inch ) bolts going through.

Here are some pictures using the backside screw holes to mount the motor forward.


Thank you


This encourages me even more to use a unistrut metal beam.

The brackets look great (maybe it’s just the dreamy sunset in the background). This is the first time I’ve noticed the motors sticking to the outside of the frame away from each other. Is there a reason for this? Does this allow the top chain mounts to work better?


Jayster is right! With the sunset in the background, this is the most beautiful motor mount I have ever seen!


since his top beam is not far enough out from the workpiece, he needs to mount the motors this way.

it’s better to have the front of the motors attached to the brackets as that gives the chain less leverage on the mounts and the screws holding them.

also to be pedantic, the motors should be flipped 180 with the motors towards the inside. that moves the sprockets an inch or so further apart.

I think @jayster meant that the orientation of the gear box in the x direction is reversed from most builds as you pointed out. I would say that this makes the width wider than it needs to be, and can’t think of an advantage.

it makes the machine physically wider, and functionally narrower. the worst of both worlds :slight_smile:

I am choosing to do this because it will allow me to do better cable management. I designed a clip for the Z motor cable and will now redesign it for these. Yes it will be easier for me to maintain the cables but they can point either way.

Thank you

I hope I’m wrong, but center to center the swap is going to have a relational change of less than one inch on each side. I think there was way more chance for off set of1.5 inches in the original frame design. I’m going to believe in the flexibility of the Maslow size to no self destruct do to this change. I do promise to sacrifice a chicken before running it. I will drive through Kentucky Cornel for lunch - lol

Thank you