Flipped z axis with

Hello, I’m putting together my meticulous Z axis and i went to set the ratio for it and noticed that up is down and down is up.

Is there anyway to change this in the firmware?

change the sign on the pitch value


is there an easy way to do this on the M2 with Maververse ?

Good question. @MakerMadeCNC would have to answer that one.

Is this with a DUE board or the original Maslow boards?

On the DUE the command $3=4 in the console will invert the Z axis.


Yes, a combination of the 3=0 & $2=0. But now my new problem is this: The settings I save for $3=0 are RESET every time i boot up the system

So how do I save this permanently.

Its a big deal for me because otherwise my Z travel off in the other direction.

The easiest way would be to revert back to 1.0.5 version of Makerverse. This will remove the auto flip feature but won’t impact your calibration you have already performed.

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I have actually upgraded to the most recent version of seen CJS version 1.9X I believe

On this version, $3=0 retains its settings after reboot. (At least it did for yesterday, time will tell)

But I am obviously missing the Maslow calibration widget in this version.

Next question is:
I need to set a limit switches on the M2 board. Is that what the green Phoenix is for? I need details on how to set up limit switches please.

I do not trust the soft limits