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Calibrating original Maslow with Makerverse

I am trying to get my original Maslow up and running with Makerverse. Its got a Meticulous type Z axis with a ring. I believe I have the correct firmware loaded, holey .28. At first when I started the calibration process when I would jog the z axis the sled would move down so I did the reset chains at home and that stopped the sled moving on the z command. I haven’t gotten completely though the calibration process yet. Getting stuck on the z axis part. Also when I jog the x and y axis the movements are inverted to the command. Left is right and up is down. When I try to command the z axis the motor just hums and a warning about “abort during cycle”, Reset while in motion. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden halt. Re-homing is highly recommended. I have an increaser pulley system on the Z axis. From GC the setting was -22.3125 per rev verses the standard 3.17 or whatever it was.
Any ideas? Thanks

This one is probably due the the “top feeding” vs “bottom feeding” setting which decides if the chain should feed off of the top of the sprocket or the bottom.

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Yep you were right. I flipped the the feed and it fixed the movements.

Still having the z axis problems. There is only about an hour of run time on the z axis. Had it calibrated and working fine with Ground Control. When I command it to move it just hums. When i spin it by had the Z depth reading in Makerverse changes correctly. I took the pulleys off. When I command it to move with no pulleys it just jitters around sort of trying to rotate. I opened up the gear box and everything looks fine. Double checked that the wiring is plugged in and zip tied the board to the shield to ensure they would stay connected.

Any thoughts on this?

Have you tried running the Test Motors / Encoders function? That might give us some clue what is going on.

motor test

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z command

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Its past the motor test. Z motor moves smooth during the test. Then trying to move the z axis, it just sits and jiggles. I think the other two motors are humming while the z is trying to move.

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what do you have for


Here are my settings. Which ones are different?

Commands Description Default My setting
$ 0 Machine Width 2438.4
$ 1 Machine Height 1219.2
$ 2 Distance between motors 2978.4
$ 3 Y Motor offset 463
$ 4 Sled Width 310
$ 5 Sled Height 139 310
$ 6 Sled Center of Gravity 79 NA
$ 7 Kinematics Type 1
$ 8 RotationDiskRadius 250 139
$ 9 Axis Detach Time 2000
$ 10 chain length 3360
$ 11 original chain length 1651
$ 12 encoder steps 8113.73
$ 13 distance per rotation 63.5
$ 14
$ 15 max feed 900
$ 16 zaxis attached TRUE
$ 17 spindle automate type NONE SPEED_CONTROL_RELAY_ACTIVE_HIGH
$ 18 max z rpm 12.6 100
$ 19 z distance per rotation 3.17 -24
$ 20 z encoder step resolution 7560
$ 21 kpPos 1300
$ 22 kiPos 0
$ 23 kdPos 34
$ 24 propweightpos 1
$ 25 kpV 5
$ 26 kiV 0
$ 27 kdV 0.28
$ 28 provweightV 1
$ 29 zkpPos 1300
$ 30 zkiPos 0
$ 31 zkdPos 34
$ 32 zPropweightPos 1
$ 33 zKpV 5
$ 34 zKiV 0
$ 35 zKdV 0.28
$ 36 zPropWeightV 1
$ 37 chainsagcorrelation 0
$ 38 chain over sprocket 1
$ 39 fPWM 3
$ 40 left chain tolerance 0
$ 41 right chain tolerance 0
$ 42 position error limit 20
$ 43 z axis upper limit NaN
$ 44 z axis lower limit NaN
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That’s great news. So we can rule out a hardware issue. As usual I think @Orob is right, the next place to look is those settings

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Thank you both for your assistance @Orob and @bar . I swear the Z encoder steps were saved at 7560 but when I ran down the list of settings it was zero. Changed it to 7560. $21 and $29 were zero too. I set those to 1300. I believe I have the original z motor so I kept that at 12.6. I saved the changes and bingo the Z axis works. Got though the measurement calibration. On to the precision one next. Then cutting for real. Thank you again for your help.


That is great news that you got it working!!

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