Makerverse Z-Axis Calibration issue


I got the original Maslow from Makermade, with the Arduino Mega. I’ve upgraded the system with the Metalmaslow square sled and Z-Axis
Recently I upgraded my Raspberry Pie from WebControl to Makerverse 1.1.2
I started the calibration routine following Rob’s video and using the preset for the MetalMaslow square sled.
I entered -918.75 in the raw z-axis value field. Unit is set to mm. When I tested the z-axis by 1 down it moved the axis by 25.4mm (1") up. I would have expected it to move 1mm down. The bigger wheel (42mm diameter) is on the Z-axis motor, the smaller on lead screw.
Something is not quite right here? Can you help? How can I set it so that it only moves by 1mm? Do I need to divide 918.75 by 25.4mm?
Btw. z-axis did not stop on soft limits and actually damaged the motor. Probably safer to suggest removing the motor and testing it outside the Z-Axis mechanics so it can’t run against hard machine limits and break.

I will start by saying that I don’t have your MetalMaslow set up, but from all my reading here on the forums, and working on my own Meticulous Z axis, I know if you command it to go down, and it moves up, you need to change the “-/+” sign in your pitch (raw Z-axis - again I don’t use Makerverse). so if you have -918.75 and it went up instead of down, the logic to me would say make it 918.75 and see if it moves in the right direction.

After that, I use the following error calculation method from the Meticulous Z post (Comment #618) to get the Z-travel dialed in:

To calculate the movement error:

E = D2 / D1


E = Error

D2 = Distance the carriage actually moved D

1 = Distance the carriage was requested to move

To calculate the corrected setting:

C = Z * E


C = Corrected Z-Axis mm/rev

Z = Z-Axis mm/rev from the test

E = Error

I hope this helps out a bit, and good luck!



If you have the standard Z axis motor, you don’t want to use the settings I did with the “fast” z axis motor from metalmaslow. You should leave the default numbers in there for the standard motor from makermade.

Orob, are you Bob? In the video Bob suggested 918.75 for the standard Z-Axis motor with the Metal maslow Z-Axis, or did I mis-understood that?

Anyway 918.75 is not working, @Metalmaslow could you please advise?

in the video I say “Hey, I’m Rob.” Yes that is me.

Here are the numbers I came up with:

Z axis motor settings for DUE STD Z motor Metal high spd
$60 Z P 20480 2000
$61 Z I 17408 150
$62 Z D 18432 0
$102 z axis travel resolution 918.75 138.46
$112 z axis maximum rate 250 1500
$122 z axis acceleration 10 25

The 918.75 only works if the gearing is the same. I had a 1:3 gearing on mine, so it maybe off by a factor of 3 for your belt pulley setup. if you tell it to move 10 mm, how far does it move? I got these numbers by moving and measuring. You will likely need to do the same to get yours since your movement setup isn’t identical. Sorry for the trouble. I hope this helps.