Foldable aluminum frame for maslow

Just add some folding aluminum tube cross braces and modify the legs to tilt back 15 degrees? If this could be custom manufactured in the $150-$200 range would you buy it vs making a wood one that costs about $100?

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I would, if you can get stable and flex-free. Shipping to this side of the globe might be trouble :slight_smile:
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If it improved tolerances of cuts from the Maslow, I would consider it. I haven’t yet built my frame so maybe I’ll be more willing after I build mine.

It would unlikely improve cuts or tolerances compared to a properly made wood one. The main benefit would be portability. Storage and unaffected by rain or moisture and of course it’s mostly premade.

You would want to add some sort of leveler to it. Myself, I would want to attach wheels to the base so that I can easily move it somewhere safer (hurricanes can rearrange your outdoor furniture :slight_smile:).

Of course, I’m also trying to come up with a way to take the entire top portion off so that I can take the mounted motors with the brains and chains inside when its necessary.

It would likely weigh over 40 lbs and be 4 foot long so international shipping would be very expensive.

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Not really interested in adding wheels to a frame that is only 40 lbs one person can just move it imho. Working on a sled that has all electronics on it so the brains can be removed easily

Thinking about all the variations that people make for their sled (mounting to
walls, storage, etc), I’m not sure how useful it is to try and ship the entire

However, just like the sled, having a metal part that’s pre drilled/tapped so
that everything goes into place without having significant variation is worth a

shipping a top beam with brackets to attach to legs that can be adjusted in and
out to keep the chains parallel to the workpiece would be much lighter (still
probably 4’ long, but it could be small enough around to not be that expensive
to ship)

David Lang

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Cannot compete with big box stores who carry unistrut beams. Shipping alone will be $20. And a unistrut beam is less than $30 in store

However I think at the right price a complete frame would be competitive

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A set of plans to cut up your own aluminum tube or strut … would save shipping and be less of a thing to get square and rigid … maybe?

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I can give you plans but unless you have an account with an aluminum distributor retail prices will make it uneconomical
The nice thing about aluminum is it is pretty easy to bolt together so no welding needed

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Honestly I’ve worked in AV and something like that is no where ridged enough to be used as a frame for a Maslow. Also you would need to solve the cable routing and needing to recalibrate every time unless its really accurately fixed.

If the motors are on the sled there are no cables that need to be routed. One can get a folding frame custom made with thicker aluminum tubes as well. A thicker wasteboardbcould also increase stiffness a lot. A rigid frame can be made with unhinged 1.25” sq tube so it’s just a matter of determining if any places need cross bracing and at what angle for best stiffness. Currently making a prototype.

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A mobile frame is a good idea as long as it is sturdy and light weight. By reducing weight you increase vibration, vibration may affect the accuracy of the cut.

Bring the motors to the sled and the vibration will have a single point of origin.

We had a very simple prototype we were working on but we postponned the project until next year.