Folding Chair Design

Ok, I have the layout finally done. This is from some plans I had downloaded… but were horridly done. I redid the layout in Fusion. Now to figure out the gcode creation from Fusion :slight_smile:

Outside cut is 1/4" but the two inside ones are 1/2". I am hoping to cut it out this weekend.


Here is a design for a chair that I am looking at cutting myself. I think it would be more simple and longer life.

I understand it’s not an answer to generating the G-Code but it’s a different idea you may be interested in.

Just looking at your image, it doesn’t appear as though all of your lines are straight. Is this for illustration only, or is this your cut file?

They are, just look that way in the screen grab. It isn’t ready for cutting, fusion is giving me headaches… I never used the cam side. :slight_smile: well, that and trying to help my daughter with trig.

I have mostly sorted out CAM with Fusion - if you’d like to share the project, I can help you. There’s also another thread with a few tips on generating correct paths with Fusion - there are some ‘secrets’.

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Sorry for the delay… I have been going too many directions at once last few weeks. I will get my files shared soon.

I did get the chair cut though… But I had some strange z issues. The first cut it only cut in. 6" instead of the. 8 I had set. But the other 2 cuts it cut way deeper than it needed too. I saw the depth Maslow said it was at was shallower than what was fed out.

Anyway, here is an assembled chair… And it does hold hold me.


Do you still have the files for this design?

Great job! Did you end up making any more chairs?

I have the files on my design PC, will put them up for anyone that wants. I have not been doing much with my maslow at the moment. Too many other projects, been just way too cold as well. (Any just not enough room… blah!)


Remind me to remind myself that I need to get the files…