Fold Flat Chair

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I was inspired by this post here:

I did my own design using hinges rather than the pins shown in that post which makes the chair easier to build. This is my first take on the chair, I’ll do another version soon and update the files.


very cool. how does it sit?

It’s pretty good. It has a little bit of flex to it when I sit down which was disconcerting at first, but then I got used to it. Very usable as a folding chair, I probably wouldn’t recommend this design as an every day chair for a dinner table

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Bar thanks for sharing your design files! John and I needed something larger to test on new setup and this chair was very fun to make tonight :slight_smile:


Woah!! That is mind blowing. It is so cool to see something I drew up a couple weeks back showing up in the real world. It took my brain a second to catch up to the idea that you weren’t actually holding my chair (like my physical copy of the chair)

Great work!


I was going to cut one of these, but when I open either the Folding or Folding Chair Version it appears to begin about 10 feet to the right and 8 feet above the work area. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to move them around on the maslow screen so it is on the work area?

If anyone else has this problem I created a script that will allow you move the object around in GCode space.


That’s an interesting script. Would you consider a version that centers the file on 0,0? Sort of the same thing as above, but calculated from the X and Y extreme values…

I bumped my nose on a couple issues with the script -

Not totally down with python command-line use, I couldn’t get to first base until I eliminated the commas after the input and output filenames as shown in the

python [/path/to/infile.gcode   /path/to/outfile.gcode   X-coordinates(float) Y-coordinates(float) Z-coordinates(float)

Issuing the command with only spaces between the parameters made it work, but an error stopped me:

File "", line 61, in <module>
    print "BRIDGEKEEPER: " + bk_phrases[random.randomint(0, len(bk_phrases))]
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'randomint'

Should this be randint instead of randomint? Making that change gets me to the next issue:

File "", line 118, in <module>
    outputFile.write('Z'+str(float(linePart[1:]) + z_amount))
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'float' and 'str'

Since x_amount, y_amount and z_amount are strings, the addition inside the str() call works if I convert them to floats:

                            outputFile.write('X'+str(float(linePart[1:]) + float(x_amount)))
                        elif linePart.startswith('Y'):
                            outputFile.write('Y'+str(float(linePart[1:]) + float(y_amount)))
                        elif linePart.startswith('Z'):
                            outputFile.write('Z'+str(float(linePart[1:]) + float(z_amount)))

With those changes, the script does a nifty job of relocating a file on the workarea. Thanks for posting it!

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Yeah, I might get some time to add that.

Ah, thanks for troubleshooting. I’m a Java coder most of the time, so not a lot of python experience. I never tested passing in all the arguments, I guess. I usually run it with no args and enter them at the prompts.

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I was unable to get the prompt to accept ‘Folding Chair Version’ with or without quotes or spaces escaped. What’s the incantation?

Ok, I fixed the bugs and pushed to github, I also added another file that I call Sharpie Mode, that makes sure 0 is the lowest the Z axis will go. This is so you can put a sharpie in the collet and run it to see where it will cut. (I needed to know if my piece of scrap wood had enough room for the chair.)

Oh, I removed the spaces from the filename, but on Mac/linux putting a \ before the space should work. I don’t know about on Windows.

Unfortunately, the gate won’t budge for any of these after the prompt:
Folding\ Chair\ Version\
‘Folding Chair Version’
“Folding Chair Version”

Ok, I added that script to the repo. Had some time while waiting for a cut to run. :slight_smile:

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The centering script works well. I think that’s very useful. Would you consider putting these into the Community Garden?

From another angle, have you used the ‘click-hold’ menu that pops up in GC when you click and hold on the screen? It uses the XY coordinates of the click and offers to move the sled to that point or set the ‘Home’ to that point. With some modifications, the click could be used as parameters to do what your script does, to offset the file without moving ‘Home’.

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Yeah I will try to add them to garden tomorrow.

No I hadn’t see click-hold. I’ll try that out.

I got it cut.