For those that were not part of the Kickstarter: Where to obtain the main motor/worm gear/encoder

I was not part of the original project but am very excited to become involved. Obviously, once available as kits again and spate parts within the store, the parts can be obtained here. Until that happens and to continue the momentum of this open source project I have been trying to source everything needed. To be of value to the project as a whole I think it is important to have nearly the same equipment, or feedback will have to have added variables. At this point I have sourced everything but the motors. I realize they were made to order but are very close to others out there. Anybody been able to source a almost perfect match? With very limited time I would rather be putting the work into helping to improve this great project than running circles trying to obtain the final parts I require. Of course once they are being sold again then purchasing from the store is a great way to show appreciation to Bar and Hanna for giving birth to such an awesome project. In the meantime…I need to be cutting wood. Please post any links you may have. Also, if you know of a source that just requires they be given all the specifics to provide a product, list as well. I have been creeping around on the standard Chinese sites but have not struck paydirt - by this i mean I can find the perfect match but do not need 1000 of them.

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I’d recommend to wait until the supply chain catches up with things and they re-open sales. The Chinese motor providers have received more than they like of independent attempts to source parts, they’ve resorted to letting people know to call Bar and Hanna. They’re simply not in a position to service sales of orders below their minimum 1k order. All the other parts should be listed in the wiki on various pages as well as in the source BOM.txt files.

hope this helps,

I remember seeing people trying a couple of different things on the old forums, such as car wiper motors. Not sure how much success they had, but if you can’t wait until Bar and Hannah get new motors in stock, this might be an option.

MeticulousMaynard, I would NOT use those Ebay motors you pointed to in “these motors”. They have a nylon worm gear which strips out very quickly. I know as I bought a couple early on to play with. They are also smaller than the MaslowCNC motors.

These are the MaslowCNC motors used from Etonm :

but do not contact Etonm as they will send you to Bar and Hannah. Seems Bar and Hannah purchased all their current inventory so they have none left at the moment .

A possible workable motor discussed on the old forum was this motor :

As suggested I would wait a until all the bugs are worked out and Bar and Hannah have completed shipping all current units.

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Hey all,
Thanks for the quick input. My issue that sort of kills me is that I have literally every other part. Lol
Plus, timing (life is crazy with no calm in sight) so was trying to take advantage of the little time I have to experiment. Plus, I totally understand the waiting till available because I would want to help out such a great team with such a great product. That said, being that I have everything but the motors I will most likely give something a shot(not Etonm though)…went that direction earlier due to the moq of 2 units. I was noob regarding the outsourcing (although they offered to go down to 50 units, but I want to stay married lol.)

Will try with something close because I have an idea that may help with the sled design. After engrossing myself in plotter design and the mechanics that lead to very good results. I do not have a great grasp of the variables yet so have not taking the total scientific approach yet and performed literature reviews of different interactions. But once I get it moving I can get some practical exp. and see what material design field has to say about it. I find when designing anything, it helps to look outside the domain and see what is already developed in other areas. That strategy has helped me greatly in my profession (Well, former profession cause I moved on to greener pastures).

I doubt they will sell just motors for some time and that is all I need. I do plan on participating and doing anything I can to help with testing and development. I will do anything I can to help out. I really think they started a great project. Just trying to keep my interest up, as you all know how easily seduced by diy projects most of us can be. Haha

Thanks again!

@TomTheWhittler Ahh, so that’s how that turned out. Sorry for posting the garbage link then. I will edit the post and remove it.

schlaubi666: That looks like the Arduino Mega 2560 used
The ones that came with the MaslowCNC are from Keyestudio and can be found on Ebay.

You will need the Arduino shield which can get purchased from the MaslowCNC store right now.

The ET-WGM58A-E motor you reference is the one we are talking about and if you contact ETONM they will send the the email contact of Bar and Hannah as they purchased what they had in stock.

well, you can use the initial motors you found, just not with the weight of a
full router and sled on them.

you can just use a pen and no bricks on the sled to get an idea of how
everything moves.

that looks like the one, but you can’t actually buy them in quantity 2, (that
points you at bar and hanna), you would have to buy in quantity 1000 to actually
get some.

Thanks for the quick input. My issue that sort of kills me is that I have literally every other part. Lol

there was actually a guy who has tweaked the firmware to work with stepper
motors and gearboxes, but those are far more expensive than the other motors
being discussed.

I heard about the stepper motors but the important difference here is that the worm gear can stop and hold position very powerfully. Without that ability I doubt (unless you had powerful stepper and light load on sled) it would work well. Funny that a good deal of comments regarding Maslow back when it was just starting are very negative. The assumption was it would not work accurately or specific…most likely due to all the attempts at similar builds around the hanging plotter days. Barr had a great idea and knew what he was doing. He is trained. Basically causing regular dc motors with worm gear to be servo motors with incredible ability to hold. Then threw in closed loop control…awsome really.

That is the basic motor but it is the 4 digits after base number are the 1226 or close (not in from of me right now) and have an rpm of 20.6rpm.

All the parts are easy to find with the exception of the exact motor but plenty of close ones and the code slows for configuration of number of pulses per rotation (7 * 291(ratio) * 4 (quadrature encoding)=8148 ppr. New to encoders but I assume you can use a 11 ppr encoder if you put in code. The only part other than motors I need are sprokets as until I know size of motor I don’t want to limit choice even further.

For those that may have missed it, someone posted every part (not motors, electronics) as a BOM on the wiki. They cross referenced McMaster car numbers. (Good for validation but insane prices) and yes that is a mega, got mine on Amazon for $12.

Not really useful, but let me throw it in and forgive me if it is useless.
As far as I understand, to order same motors, we need to buy 1000.
Every one interested would need at least 2. That means 500 per candidate.
If dedicated people would buy 4 to keep 2 as spare, we are at 250.
I would buy 8, 2 as spare for my Maslow and 6 for a ‘kindofmarsrovenviromentalobservationproject’.
That makes 242 left to be purchased by others.
Are there non greedy business people out there that would like to make a return of investment of max 15% within a month?
I have been thinking about this a long time, but the unsolved challenge is that the money needs to be paid in advance and money and trust are not good companions. If I would have the resources, I would buy 1000 and sell them with a margin of 7% to cover my fuel to the post office.
Edit: Now that I look at my math, it doesn’t make scene :-), it’s good when you can laugh about yourself and make other people smile. I hope at least the idea came across.

Oh and the other night I got ready to build the motor controller (wired not pretty board) and noticed Barr was selling them. That solved that issue.

Plus, very fair price for the time it saved.

All about minimizing the variables!

Thanks for all the input.

I heard about the stepper motors but the important difference here is that the
worm gear can stop and hold position very powerfully.

he ended up using a worm gear gearbox on the stepper (he first tried another
gearbox, but ran into the problem you are describing)

Dlang, your a good person to ask. Do you think I substitute motors with worm gear …about same all around but 11 ppr encoder. Is that going to cause an issue or can I just put in code. Or is that ppr total going to be to high? Plus, the type of encoder…does it really matter if same A B output (hall)?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In regards to the “buy 1000 and distribute” They offered 50 last I had spoken to them…but buying 50 from source that wants to move 1000…you would be lucky to get motors…might get 50 cans of dog food. Lol. But, even though open source, I would want to let the great originators of this project a chance to make a bit off the work by selling them for a bit. I just hope the momentum continues to be as high as it is (although a ton of the kits went out recently so should see a boost) if no way to purchase it currently.

Yeah but wont the double sided motor he linked work? they sell singles, and at the bottom list multiple recent purchases of 2 or 3… this is the link that schlaubi666 posted
This is the english listing

sure looks like it would work.
If so I’m ordering some today… shipping isn’t horrible and is 12-20 days.

Those double sided motors “might work”. They are made by Jiechuangsen Technology Co., Ltd. which is a different manufacture than the Shenzhen Etonm Motor Co., Limited which is where Bar got the MaslowCNC motors.

Give it a try and report back.

the code will handle different encoder resolution, the worst case is that you
may have to slow down your max speed to let the arduino keep up.

you need an encoder with AB output so you can tell what direction the motor is
running, but just about everything has that. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical
switches or hall effect switches, all that matters is that the output is 5v to
be compatible with the arduino

Those dual shafts are 3.3-5v

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