For those that were not part of the Kickstarter: Where to obtain the main motor/worm gear/encoder

Thank you very much for your input. I was concerned with wether or not that would be reaching a point where the mega could keep up. Being that (If I am still thinking of the same motor…all gets mashed together after awhile lol) the 12v rpm of this one was already low I think…like 17rpm…i will pass. Thanks again for your input. The search goes on…

Hey, just thought I would ask you how your search is going for motors and if you ordered that dual shaft motor or not. I was put off by the amps. I did not think that the motor controller would be to happy with 4.4A. Pretty sure that was the stall rating on that motor. So, did you get one? Any other leads? I think you are in same boat as myself. I have been working through design improvements (beam between motors-originally had idea to mount on ceiling beam or a very long steel beam that just happened to be in my garage…primarily to limit the space it would use when not in use) and doing lots of research on sled designs but neither of us have the working machine yet. So just wanted to keep up with where you were at with sourcing. Thanks!

I was literally on the motor page about to click buy when the notification about your reply popped up. Which I’m now going to hold off on. Due to the 4.4a issue you just brought up. Perhaps anyone else could chime in on that? @bar Is that an issue we should be mindful of when open sourcing motors?

thuber Yes space is a serious issue. Mines going under a carport wrapped up well until I can build a structure for it.
I was also wondering if that motor might be strong enough for two sleds!? Being as it has dual outputs I thought what it i mounted the motors sandwiched between two Maslow frames and used extensions to run both at the same time. Would need to split the Z-Axis wires, or make a small amp that could intake the signal and then split it and be enough power for both. I’m thinking the stock output might not be enough to power both.

If the 4.4a isn’t an issue then I’m pulling the trigger.

the maslow motor controller would not be happy with 4.4A stall current, but
there are a bunch of other DC motor controllers that would not have a problem

you just need 3 channels of brushed (as opposed to brushless or stepper) DC
motor control

Ok so It looks like I’m looking for another motor controller shield or a different set of motors.

In his quest to minimize the price, Bar does a good job of making each component
"just good enough" to get the job done, but this leave very little headroom for
putting in other components without starting to replace quite a bit.


Would I maybe be able to add in a cap bank to up the available output a lil? Or is it a the used components just wouldn’t go for that.
I’m a really good solderer.

I believe it’s the chips that are the limitation.

There’s probably a different version of the chip you could use that has higher
capacity that you could solder onto a blank board (there was someone posting on
the old forum that they had made several of the blank boards and was selling the

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Thank you much. I was actually on that thread and I believe that’s where I got This link You posted for Makeblock MegaPi Ground Control will run on the PI no issue? If there’s a porting issue could a noob handle that?
I see max current 10A. Is that more current than the Stock Maslow board? If so would that be enough for those 2 motors with the 4.4 stall current. I have a feeling it would be just about right, but the Z-Axis seems like it might make it not enough.

Im going to make my way make to that thread and see if I can contact him.

Edit Nope that wasn’t the spare pcb board thread. It was the motor shield sold seperately thread.

@iRoc999, I’m not sure where the double-ended motor thing is headed, but I see a couple problems that I can’t think of a way around:

  • the design requires that the motor shaft be perpendicular to the work area and that the work area have a 10 to 15 degree slant. One end of the shaft will violate this.
  • the motor which is on the left side will be the right hand motor on the other side, maybe not a problem if the parts being cut are mirror symmetrical :smile:

You may have all that worked out, and to keep from being a wet blanket I’m willing to send you an unpopulated Maslow PCB if you want to find a higher current version of the chip and do some experimenting. I had a few boards made recently, but haven’t populated them. I found that buying the parts from DigiKey was a buck or two more than buying a built up board from Maslow :wink:. If you want the board, send me a message and we can work out how to get it to you.

Sending message.

It’s all just speculation and theory right now, but If those are the only motors I can find. Which right now they seem to be. Why not in the future try to make it double sided
As for how the double sided would work I was thinking of placing the two drive motors between the two planes. then using a drive shaft off each side with universal joints to allow for the proper alignment with the work planes.
Then I figured that yes one side would be opposite, until you rotate it 180° in relation to the work plane. It’s like you were cutting it out from underneath the bed. At least that’s how I’m seeing it in my head.:crossed_fingers: But I’m just a simple unfrozen caveman and I could be wrong. <— as was evident in the unedited version of this comment. Fingers no like to type certain words correctly

A u-joint could make a difference. Get that working and you’ll be cutting up a storm!

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Iroc999, glad I caught you before you ordered those…even if you wind up with a different controller and same motors. I have learned more about worm gear motors than I ever thought I would need, lol. I have sourced a couple that match up very well but do not come with encoder. My goal being to stick with the original design (as close to as possible) to make my forum input useful as possible. I am trying amother possibility and will fill you in as soon as I know …next day or two. The design is really right up against the max specs for size and l298so -p and such which makes it tedious to source. Plus, when buying on place like aliexpress, you get what you get pretty much, as most are samples so even though they act like you can customize, if they don’t have some around that match your specs…you will probably get whatever they have.

Hey, so this is my first time posting here, but I’ve found this thread informative. Recently I’ve been trying to figure out if building a DIY Maslow is an option. I found a link that I’m curious about on Alibaba with a min order of 2. I’m very new to following this project, so I was hoping to get some insight into if these motors would work.

that “Min order of 2” will end up telling you to contact Bar and Hannah to order
from them. That manufacturer doesn’t have anyone in the US who sells those
motors in small quantities.

There are a number of people who have been looking for other motors to use, but
nobody has finished a machine and reported success.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. I’ll be keeping an eye out for anyone who does, hopefully that gets resolved soon. Thanks.

This one looks super close ( the 30RPM model ) but I can’t find the stall current. To see if they would work with the stock motor board. I’ve messaged the seller to see if they can provide data sheet. I’ll let you know when they reply. Wish I had found these first ( If they are a match ) would have saved me around $70

I can also point you to the motors I purchased, but they require a different driver board and some manual engineering/soldering/making custom jumpers/cables. Basicly you’d have to work for it, and it costs a little more. When I say a little more I mean if you were buying in volume all the parts would be cheaper. The total price is really close to the Kit, but I digrees. If you want let me know and I’ll hook you up with my parts list with urls and prices.

Hey, thanks for thinking of me …so are you up and running? I have such little time to mess with this and literally looked everywhere. I started to question the chances of actually even getting the motor I order from some sellers because I started to see errors on the specs. That aside, I ordered two that sort of fit just two days ago. Don’t have lin l with me right now but will post tomorrow when I get a chance. I figured I was fine with slower rpm but could not have too high a ratio (concerned about speed ability of the arduino to process the encoder). But, I just wanted to experiment as I caught the sled discussion the other day and it was exactly the road I was going down. I had researched vertical plotters and realized that having the chains aim to the bit was best for accuracy with those. So, I am waiting for the motors. I don’t care if it winds up being smaller …can build bigger later. Oh, already been down the road with that link you posted I think. If I remember correctly they were tiny. Lol.

Will post the link when I can tomorrow with my rational.

I have two of these motors from this vender appears to be the same thing.
Mine has all metal gears in it and appears to be well made! I’m still waiting for the shield to come from Maslow and the sprockets to come from China. I will be building a lighter sled and using a Bosch Colt router that I have modified for a er11 collet. I have some experience with CNC machines, I built conventional CNC routers and I converted my metal lathe/ milling machine combo to CNC control but I have never worked with servo motors and encoders before!

My motors have 6mm shafts, What is the shaft size on the “official” gearboxes?