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Managing motors with dual L298N

I found difficult to find Maslow motorshield in Poland.
Recently i bought and Arduno Mega board and L298n module:

It got 4H bridges separately, and can provide 2A of current.
It`s responding to TTL on 8 digital pins and can run 2 DC and 1 stepper motor.

I will try to create another shield directly for this module.
Can any1 paste a pinout between Arduino Mega, Encoders and H bridges?
Ill share my work on EasyEDA platform.

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you need to drive 3 DC motors (left, right and Z)

there are two types of shields supported (that have different ways of driving
the chip signals)

you may want to look at the thread on the ‘smoke herder’ motor shield, it has
better driver chips than the stock (3A per channel with thermal limiting)

Ok. Im prepared to run 3 DC motors with 3 encoders.
Ive got problem with Maslow standard shield, especially with pinout schematics.
After i get this pinout i will prepare very dangerous files that will contain “Fat” DIY version of maslow shield.

Take a look at the system.cpp from the firmware. The type of shield it detected and the pins assigned accordingly. Line 98-227. You will need to figure how your shield will be recognized, or change the file.

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Ok Gero. There is link to my schematic.

I hope its correct. I will try to prepare 1-sided PCB from that.
There is small problem with trace thickness. I was always tryin to prepare 1mm thickness for 1A of current.

Ok. Ive prepared my shield to create PCB.
Let me see Your opinion on this project.
Here are links to EasyEDA

How it recognize that is 1.3 version of shield?
I would like to contribute this to community

Sorry I can’t help much, i’m not a programmer in this project. I just knew the file for the pins because i wanted to add a PWM pin to control my spindle speed. Never got it to work.

I think that on the different shields one different pin is connected to ground (pulled low), but i’m not sure.
Line 262 - 285 do the check, but i don’t understand it.

I know that with NO shield on the Mega, GC reports shield 1.2, so maybe that is a safe option to use this pinout.

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Here is another version.
I found Ver pins are attached to pins 22,23,24,25,26,27.
I prepared a board that got this pins free at the moment.

How to use this pins to get 4th version?
There are 6 pins for that.

If i get this figured out today ill will test the board immediately. (3h to prepare prototype)

I’ve created prototype:

I still have floating version pins. How to connect them to get version 4?

I will prepare new prototype basing on version 1.2 pinouts

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Here is version compatible witch 1.2 shield.
Use it, test it and feel free to abuse it with L298n bridges.