Frame that "kicks out" from the wall?

Hi, I’m trying to save some space in my garage when the maslow isn’t in use. I haven’t even opened the box, but I cleared out a large space in my garage and I’m ready to build the frame. I was looking at maybe using bolts in the top corners to allow me to pull out the bottom of the frame away from the wall to the appropriate angle. Then I would lock it in with some sidearms.

Has anyone made a frame that rotates to save space?

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I am going to be doing this soon. Just can’t bring myself to take the frame apart when I have it running so well.

I am also going to build a box around it like this post

Yes, several people have made frames that hinge to the wall, at least one made
one that folds up to the cealing.

At least one has a floor jack to allow the angle to be adjusted.

It’s a nice, easy thing to do (and simplifies your frame build as well)

David Lang

I have my frame set up to do just that. Although, I’ve not collapsed it yet. I used single carriage bolts on 3 points of each side of the A frame. The top and back of the frame have hex nuts and washers. The front has a butterfly nuts and washers as well. Intent is to loosen the top and back, completely remove the bolts at front, fold in the horizontal braces and collapse against the wall. Problem for me is that I was tired of hunching over the laptop connected to the Maslow so I tacked on a couple 2x4s and a piece of scrap ply for a makeshift desk preventing the frame from collapsing.