The "Up Frame" - Ceiling mounted frame

Hi! I’ve seen a lot of posts about the frame. The challenge for most users is space usage, as not everyone needs to use the Maslow all day, there are many great ideas out there, and I appreciate everyone for sharing. I have built my own frame base on the Maslow one and would like to share the results with you.

The challenge: My small 14 by 24 garage needs to accommodate a full Maslow 10 x 8 frame without sacrificing space. How did I manage it? By utilizing the air space! I’ve mounted the frame on the ceiling, clearing space when it’s not in use. I considered placing it on the floor, but I don’t have enough space without moving things out of the garage, and I wouldn’t be able to work while a cut is in progress.

Have a nice and safe build out there !


Since i cannot post more than one picture… here’s the second


Sweet job! Does your garage door pass above it? Trying to visualize how it coexists with a functioning door

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Yes it does !

The nearest one is out of reach from the door, so no problems. The furthest one has to be “extended”, so i used a metal bar to lock it. But i recommend to just build a frame that is bigger than the space de door take, easier imho. ( Next version… maybe :wink: )

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Nice build! I like the dust collection inlet right there as well (with the remote right there?). Nice touch!

Absolutely! Dust collection for my small tools , Maslow , etc. Small wireless remote fund in local store, really up the dust game ! 3D printed gate btw :slight_smile: