FreeCAD 0.17 is released

I used linuxCNC and centroid with no problems. But make sure your units are set up correctly, check the GCode and add G20 or G21 accordingly… Last time I used centroid it had the G20 instead of G21/

Here is a part I am machining in the maslow for a test fixture. image

These are the settings for the setup sheet and other things

I set the spindle to 0 because software does not control the router speed.

Even though is in inches the Gcode is created in mm so to overcome this issue I just edit the Gcode after export.
Just make sure when you export you save with .nc extension file and you should be fine.

@Jose_Miguel_Giraldez & @Gero,
Thanks for the input. I am trying to cut my final sled. Did you guys have any issues with drilling? I program it to drill, it shows that I’m drilling 4X thru holes in the program but when I export and upload into my Maslow ground control the drilled holes are gone. Thoughts?

Can you upload the .fcstd?
To not let this hold you up, you could use for the holes.

RyobiSled.5.10.18.FCStd (45.0 KB)
RyobiSled.5.10.18.FCStd1 (45.2 KB)

I am new to Forums. Let me know if I need to attach those files differently. Thanks in advance

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I think the issue is that GC does not support the G83 (Peck Drilling for Deeper Holes) command.

As a workaround you could use this site for pecking with simpler gcode.


Is there a way to program it through FreeCAD so it just goes to that location? I don’t have my z axis set up yet so I manually plunge to drill.

Also, I understand using the daycountwrs site you provided but how do I add that GCode to the code that I have?

I noticed you can inspect the code in FreeCAD and it claims, once you click ok it will merge the changes, or something to that nature but once I export the code to save it those changes aren’t there.

If you can read the gcode and understand were the last Zsafe height command is, you could add the code before the end commands with a text editor. However I would rather store it as a separate file and first do the drilling, then load the profile operations.

Thanks @Gero, that’s a great tool to know about!

I just fixed it. I just changed canceled the peck option in the drill cycle like this.

Now the gcode looks good for the 4 holes.

RyobiSled.5.10.18.FCStd (50.7 KB)


If you need to do your z-axis you need to update the values in the setupsheet

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