Trying out the new version of BobCAD-CAM CNC software

I was looking for new CNC software and came across a new release by BobCAD-CAM today. I’m going to download it and give it a shot. Has anyone else heard anything about it or have experience with it?

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I haven’t, but let us know what you think!

So far so good! There have been some major improvements to geometry selection. You can go back and delete without having to cancel and reopen the function. What software do you use? If you’re interested, this is where I got my demo and also here is a list of the new features.

Looks like around a grand ($1000US) or more a copy as far as I can tell. Anything that’s “call for price” screams spendy.


That seems like a good price, where did you see that?

$1,000 is more than a little out of my budget :grinning:

Google. There is/was a $500 student price.

Not knocking Bobcad, just don’t think I’ll be buying it for a $500 hobbyist router. Free to good home Fusion360 is a better deal for non-commercial hobby use.

Wasn’t Bobcad also free for hobbyists some years ago because the founder started as a home gamer, but they quit offering the free version?


I don’t know specifics about price, and I’m sure they adjust price with budget, but I’m really enjoying their software. I don’t have a wealth of experience with multiple ones, just seeing who else may have come across it. Thank you both for your responses! :slight_smile: Happy machining.