Frosty the Snowman and Family

Working on this project now. This is the first one in the series. I used 3/4 in birch plywood and it was perfect for this type of project. Enjoy!




wow you got the colors perfect! Did you use the Maslow to draw the lines that are not cut?..after looking again…I think yes.
Is this a sharpie held in there with rubber bands?

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Yes. That is an insert that fits into the base. The sharpie is held down with tension from a rubber band. I set the tool path for those lines with .45 depth and a step down of .45. The cnc will go to the line and push the insert down .45 and then draw the line. It then pulls back up and goes to the next line. I hang the router underneath so the weight matches what it was calibrated for.

Great idea!

Did you get the pen holder from the garden or is it your own design?

Edit: and once again…I think I answered my own question! :crazy_face:

I created one that was solid but it didn’t work. Then I tweaked one made by krkeegan here Sharpie Pen Holder by krkeegan I tried the 3D printed one but it didn’t work as well. I’ll design one for a 3d printer later.

I am having problems uploading the files to the Garden. I will attach them here and if someone can please help.

Hocus (1.2 MB)

Professor (1.2 MB)

Frosty the (92.2 KB)


We have a problem with a spam bot so garden uploads has been temporarily disabled.

Do you have the files for this project

They are under the picture in a zip file. Download that file and extract it.