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Full size Santa Sleigh



Found a side view pic of a sleigh ornament I liked in google search, screen shot and turned the image into an svg in Adobe Capture. Took the svg and worked up sizing and pockets and created another file with the inverted image in Inkscape. Moved over to Makercam to make the code. When cutting the lower left and right corners I applied pressure (timely process :tired_face: )
First time using barrel nuts and bolts (made a jig that worked great) cinched it up tight! For the cross section pieces I used my table saw to save time.

image|375x500 !

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for November 28 and December 5, 2018

that turned out really nice. If I did set designs for plays/musicals I think maslow would come in handy. Maslow saves a lot of time and much more accurate then doing by hand.


I plan to cut this. Can you send me the maker cam and svg and the specs.


Just sent to you!


You’re projects never cease to amaze me. Great job!


Thanks @madgrizzle !!! Just know, if you’re writing, I’m reading!! Much respect.
This project was definitely my most time consuming, all around. It made me realize again how tough it is to cut those bottom corners :tired_face:
From what Ive read from @dlang it is time to try a 12’ top beam and raise it 1’, lengthen chains to 12.5’(figure out weighted chain takeup, again,) go to 10° tilt, and get sled weight closer to 30lbs, also have aliexpress 208mm cbeam ordered to go at the z- axis
For my current sled I have gone back to @pillageTHENburn ‘s 45° kit, nothing has been more consistent for me. Just never could get the wavy lines figured out from the ring. Also, added .125” uhmwpe to the bottom of the sled (slick!!)
Oh, I digress… fun and lengthy project. Just made me read and think of improvements for my ever evolving Maslow!


One more amazing project, your work is impressive.
Make videos out of your projects, maybe that way you can inspire other owners :slight_smile:


Well @Moonster96 , I will have to give it a go. Probably wont be the quality of Frank Howarth (Frank Makes Youtube channel,) but I’ll give it a shot :grin:

I have an 8 year old boy who is dead set on starting his own Youtube/Twitch for Fortnite :rofl: We might both learn something!!


Awesome! I love it! Great work. Also a fan of Frank Howarth’s videos. :grin:


Can you send me those files I’ve been making one up, but yours is way better.


I for one would love to see this in the Garden for all to share. If you are willing to share, please do enter it into garden.


@Charles141 and @Sreenigne here you go


Thank you! My kids are gonna love it!!!


Updated pics…

Custom seat and back cushions, Santa and kids to come! December 9th


This’ll be featuring in our yard next Christmas :slight_smile:


Here’s the finale!