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Fully Adjustable Storage Dresser, Designed in FreeCAD


Over a majority of the last month I’ve been trying to model up a dresser for
some additional storage. This project has, over this time, suffered from
(blossomed into?) feature creep.

It’s at this point that I could use some more eyes on it. Suggestions, bug
reports & pull-requests are encouraged. I’ll leave you with the current outline
I’ve drawn up from the github page:

Example Drawing


The aim of this project is to make a CAD file with all necessary shapes to make
a storage dresser & drawers. Additional goals are:

  • Adjustable for all material thicknesses.
  • Fully automated tab depth adjustment (changing material thickness changes tab
    depth by default).
  • All dimensions kept in an associated spreadsheet for easy adjustment & repurposing.
  • Shapes should hold true under any input dimension.
  • All fitment features (such as tab width & drawer depth) should automatically
    be calculated from:
    • Dresser Height
    • Dresser Width
    • Dresser Depth
    • Drawer Height
    • Drawer Width
    • Drawer Count Up
    • Drawer Count Across

The project can be found here: