Fusion 360 confusion

It might work to duplicate the file, and change the name and extension of the new file.

It has the line numbers if saved as text. I cut them out here. ->file deleted because faulty<-
Use at own risk! I have no way to try this.

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This link should let you download the latest post processor as text directly.



That looks better :sweat_smile:

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I’ve updated my original post to the dl link. (https://forums.maslowcnc.com/clicks/track?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcam.autodesk.com%2Fhsmposts%3Fp%3Dmaslowcnc&post_id=29894&topic_id=3565) I posted the previous link so it was readable in the context of my post, in order to get more eyes on the code…

sorry for the confusion,


I ran a job with the previous versions of the maslow post that was released on 5/1 without issue and it looks like Autodesk continues to improve it…

Generic post for MaslowCNC.
5/8/2018 Avoid machine retract at start of program for MaslowCNC post.
5/1/2018 Avoid Z repositioning after a tool change for posts.
4/19/2018 Increased minimum chord length for posts.


Also added the post processor link for Fusion360 in the github,


Here is what I did (windows OS)

I copied the text from here


Paste into note pad renamed with a .cps (MaslowCNC.cps) remove any other file type from file name

in fusion 360 opened the setup under post process use personal post

then dragged and drop my note pad .cps (MaslowCNC.cps) file into the the post folder

under post configuration you will see post setting grayed out

go back to setup and select use installed post library

then you should see the I named my note pad MaslowCNC.cps so the name in the drop down looks like “MaslowCNC/Maslowpost”