Fusion 360 Questions

I just purchased a maslow and I’m trying to get some stuff done before it shows up. I am entirely new to CNC and the maslow, I have some 3d printer experience using sketch up but I am interested in using Fusion 360, I have a personal use liscence already. I understand how to make shapes and use the sketch system and the like. Where I am struggling is in the manufacturing side of things. I am curious if anyone could point me towards the proper settings for using fusion to generate g code for the maslow. Things like tool settings for the bit that comes with the jumpstart pack using the recommended rigid, Tool movement speed and other neccesary ingredients. I am new to fusion but I would like to proceed with it as it’s substantially easier to understand for me when it comes to design. And if it can generate G-code as well I would really prefer a one stop shop for design. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a video I made on the subject. Hope it helps. Jon