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Fusion 360 - cutting too slow

I am just starting to use Fusion 360 for CAM, and having a problem with it cutting too slow. It looks like it is trying to make very small movements around curved areas, only moving ~2 in/min. This makes for very jerky movements and nearly pausing, probably because the movements are too short and it has trouble overcoming the static friction. On long straight cuts it gets up to the programmed 30 in/min, though they are not very straight.

I assumed the parameter I needed to adjust was the Tolerance. On my first cut I left it at the default 0.004". On my second cut I increased this to 0.05". Both had about the same results.

I have had much better results from Makercam and Easel - lines are very straight, curved areas cut nearly as fast as straight areas, etc.

What should I look at doing different?

This is what I am trying to cut. Simple 5"x5"x0.75" block with one pocket and one contour cut.

Cut 1 on the left, cut 2 on the right.
b block cut picture

Fusion 360 file is below, if anyone wants to take a closer look.
B test block v3.f3d (189.6 KB)

are you using the maslow post processor?

it would make a huge difference if fusion is outputting lots of short line
segments rather than arcs

Yes, using the Maslow post processor.

Is there anything in the post processor setup needed besides selecting the Maslow post processor file?

there shouldn’t be.

in your model, do you radius corners? or is it slow in the long curved parts
(and are those curves circle arcs or some other curved shape)

David Lang

I used the text object to make the B.

I did not put radii in the corners of the box.

It is slow cutting both the small and large radius parts around the B.