FUSION 360 Engraving

Hello All,
I am very very new to the CNC world though i have been working with AutoCAD for close to 20 yrs. That said i "thought i would be prepared for the onslaught of issues that i have been having. Hahaha… ha… ha…

Any whay, so i have built my first frame, cut a new sled (that i still have yet to use), as well as from scratch draw and cut my first object (pat on back) in Fusion 360.

Now i am trying my hand at engraving.

Dun, DUn,DUN!!!

So i found an image that i liked, spline traced it, exported it as a DXF, then re-imported it, set my bit dims, selected geometry, and had the program create a cut path (with no errors that i can tell). yet when i try to run the post process to generate the g-code it fails, to post that is… i get a file “name.nc.failed” file and i cannot seem to find out what is going on… is there a common problem that would cause this to happen?

anyone that has used the engrave function on Fusion 360 successfully please help…

i was using the “maslowcnc post processor”


It might have to do with the shape you’re trying to cut. I’ve had NC.failed files because the inside cut radius was tighter than my bit radius and accuracy settings.


I had that problem with some DXF files converted to SVG then opened in makercam to make the gcode, I reprossed the files and the problem went away. There was something in the file it didn’t like.

Is there some clue in the failed file? Might help us to track down the origin of the error.

I will post the error as soon as i get home this evening. i know that it gives an “onOpen” failure.