Fusion 360 g code problems

Hi all can any 1 tell me what im doing wrong here… I do a test drawing in fusion then do cam setup it looks good in fusion then do post processing and save it. It can be just circle and it adds in lots of other tool paths went i open it in ground control… two pic mite help…

any help please and thanks
daveUntitled%202 Untitled

here is want it is meant to be…

Which post processor are you using in Fusion to generate the gcode? There is a Maslow specific one which works well, but if you don’t want to install that one switching to the GRBL post processor should work.

If that doesn’t solve the issue would you be willing to post the gocde file so we can take a look at it and figure out what is going on?

thanks for that bar didn’t know there wer different ones to chose from… the machine is a credit to you man nice work…


Thanks! Let us know if that doesn’t fix the issue and we’ll sort it out

Dave there is a setting in Fusion marked ‘roll around corners’ I’ll show ya next time I see ya