GC Feature Request: Delay between manual Z change and start of cut

Probably not useful once it’s all together (I hope!), but I’m finding I have to hold the router down when cutting the initial frame… so I change the depth when asked, press OK, and then I have to run back to the router and hold it down while Maslow guides it. Because there’s a delay, the first bit of the cut is messed up a bit (so if I could set a “delay after z change to be 5 seconds”, where I press the button, and it counts down and then cuts, it would make router wrestling easier).

Is there a tag I should use for feature requests?

That’s a really interesting idea, I can totally see how it would be useful. Would there be a setting to turn it off when you don’t want it anymore?

The best way to do feature requests is in the GitHub issues page with the tag “Enhancement”

add a bungee cord over the top of the router so you don’t touch it while

your hand on the router is going to cause errors.


I think he is using the temp sled without bricks or a z-axis

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Yep… I was trying to cut it all, but now I’m going to just cut the sled first and then cut it all 2nd.
I added this to the enhancements, #538. I’m not sure it’s all that useful in the long run, but I have my computer away from the sawdust so it takes be ~10 seconds to go from hitting the button to standing in front of the machine (I’m going to put Ground Control on my tablet and see if I can use that instead).


I would like to see a stop/save , load from save resume feature added to GC. Specifically for shutting down and restarting at a later time. To be honest it will take me a bit to learn how to make the request. The farther I go with the Maslow the more other things I’m learning including Python and Git. I’m at the crawling stage with Git. I’m currently engaged in 4 different projects in some way tied to CNC and documenting the build, and best practices as fast as I can. If any one has time to add this request for me I’d appreciate it.

Thank you

edit - I’ve done some thinking on how this could work. There would be a directroy under Maslow to record the position and the file and even put a copy of the file in it. In the GC it could simply be a slider - Park / Drive. You slide to park, using time and dat stamp you stop the router record the current position in file and that GC has been Parked. The next time GC starts it could look to the folder and ask if you want to resume - taking GC out of Park. Essentially going to Drive and enabling the slider again.

I use one of these with my small desktop router with Mach3. It would be great if we could use it on the Maslow.


I used a Logitech usb gamepad on my LinuxCNC controlled mini router, think it cost around $10US or so. No spinny dial, but did the job and was very handy for touching off and zeroing. This is the procedure I used, apparently there’s a new and improved version. Definitely won’t work with GC as is, just a possible inspiration