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Going Cra-Z - Z-axis changes

Issue: The actual z-depth of the router and what GroundControl thinks it is, keeps getting out of sync.

I’m new to Maslow, bought from East Bay, sled from MakerMade. I have the basic kit with the Z-Axis motor. I have spent several days and several sheets of plywood to cut one 8"x12" piece. I’ve read the forums and I’ve got a bungee cord and all the other chewing gum solutions. It’s not slipping. The motor isn’t jammed. If I tell it to move it moves. The code is right. If the code tells it to move, it moves. I’ve even set it at 1mm pass with 9mm depth and speed of 200 to avoid “confusing” it or putting “strain” on it - no help. And the bit hasn’t slipped. At different points and different places it the cut plan it just simply gets out of sync with the physical depth and what GroundControl believes it is. I’ve even been watching it and double checked the code, which was right. It’s like it’s randomly skipping a depth change, but then it must be losing accuracy of Z-Zero because it doesn’t correct itself with the next cut instruction with Z-depth. Same gcode, it’s happened shortly after starting, and once at 98% complete. Issues have included

  • cutting at “-3mm” while floating above the board
  • being at “-3” and thinking it’s at 5mm (and slicing my work in half while traversing a travel path)
  • going into a traverse path and not reaching full travel height until part way along the path (so made a slopped receding cut as it traveled and rose)

It’s a month old. I should be up to date on the firmware. I’m using a Rigid 2022 (but router isn’t an issue). I am running GroundControl as I have Windows 10 and not sure how to run WebControl until I get a Raspberry. At this point I’m out of ideas. Except for the Z problem, this seems an amazing contribution and project but this z issue is effectively making it unsuable. I am inclined to bite the budget bullet and get the M2 Upgrade but also fear it won’t be any better if it’s not the z-motor that’s the issue. Any insight is appreciated.

What firmware are you using and before you spring for m2, try webcontrol.

Welcome to the Maslow forums. There is a windows version of Webcontrol ( no raspberry pi needed) The Z axis is probably the biggest weakness of the original Design. The router’s depth mechanism was never really designed to be automated.

We have an all metal upgrade solution that is very popular and only $150.

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Firmware 1.26
Windows 10
“PCB v1.4 TLE5206 detected”
Grbl v1.00
Ground Control 1.26
Inkscape 1.01
GCodeTools v1.7
Rigid 22002

I’ve installed WebControl for Windows. Getting similar but different results. I have repeatedly set z-axis to 0, and though it says it’s plunged to -3mm, it’s barely scratching the surfce.


You z axis pitch is likely wrong. What sled z axis setup do you have? Check your maslow settings and use the default pitch if you have the rigid base.

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Semi-update: I reset the z-axis a couple of times, moved the sled around, and verified it went back to 0. Seems to be cutting better. Not sure it’s at 3mm, but it’s not skimming the surface any more. I’ll let it run and see what I get, takes about 2 hours.

For setup and Z-axis, I followed the GroundControl setup and callibration. After that I used the Ground Control Z-Axis calibration, and am now using WebControl Z-Axis (raise,lower, zero). I didn’t adjust it, but in WebControl, z-axis pitch is set to 3.17, which is says is the default.

The basic z-axis kit with the ridgid router (black brackets and the motor atop the acme screw with the orange engagement push know) has a standard pitch setting of 8.
If I interpreted your z-axis setup correctly, you need to change your pitch.

You might try something other than the abandonware gcodetools. The last time I used gcodetools, probably 10 years ago but the same version iirc, I had to edit the source code to use the correct header for my non-Maslow router, and while basic ops were ok (after some learning adventures), I could never get v carving to work. Nick and his team in Russia stopped supporting the software a long time ago. The last time I looked the english language support forum was still there but low traffic. Good in it’s day but that was a long time ago.

Today I use mostly Carbide Create, but there are a number of excellent supported tools. Kiri:moto, all online, would work for a quick test.

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I was going to suggest the same thing.

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